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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Round 5 vs Speed Freak Orks (SoFlo)

Round 5 is versus one of the Dispigno twin brothers from Miami. Those two guys seem to win most every RTT down there. I have played Paul Dispigno twice and am 1-1 versus him so this game versus Jon will put one of us ahead on the count. The games are always extremely intense with lots of thinking in each turn and always super fun - the Dispigno brothers are a class act in every way.

At this point I am 2W - 2L and leading the pack for the best SM player after my lucky rout for game 4 versus one of the two unfun nasty SM flyer spam armies.

Jon is running an Ork that is very competitive and is a natural counter to mine so I know in many ways it will be both a chess game and come down to the dice which is one of the paradoxes of 40k. Jon is running the Forge World Warboss biker which makes his warbikes objective secured. Unfortunately some people in my area try to cheapen a win when Forge World is involved but really with Imperial Knights and Transcendent Ctan roaming freely Forge World is a breath of fresh air.

Here is Jon's army list:

- HQ -
Zhadsnark da Rippa /Warlord
(power klaw strikes at initiative)

Warbike - Da Lucky Stikk - Boss Pole - Power Klaw - Cybork Body

Pain Boy - Warbike - Grot Orderly

- Troops -
11x Boy - Eavy Armor
Nob - Eavy Armor - Power Klaw - Boss Pole
Trukk - Rokkit - Ram

11x Boy - Eavy Armor
Nob - Eavy Armor - Power Klaw - Boss Pole
Trukk - Rokkit - Ram

11x Boy - Eavy Armor
Nob - Eavy Armor - Power Klaw - Boss Pole
Trukk - Rokkit - Ram

11x Boy - Eavy Armor
Nob - Eavy Armor - Power Klaw - Boss Pole
Trukk - Rokkit - Ram

11x Boy - Eavy Armor
Nob - Eavy Armor - Power Klaw - Boss Pole
Trukk - Rokkit - Ram

11x Warbiker
Nob - Eavy Armor - Power Klaw - Boss Pole

- Heavy Support -
10x Loota

10x Loota

Note I have combined the primary detachment with the self ally for Jon's list. That's a lot of bodies that can haul ass anywhere on the table easily matching my speed. I am most worried about the Lootas since they have range and it will be next to impossible to engage them in close combat.

Here is the mission:

Primary 1 - Purge the Alien
Independent characters and super heavies are worth 2 victory points each and everything else is worth 1 victory point each. I can see the bonus for super heavies but honestly I think the bonus for independent characters doesn't make any sense as that is mostly an advantage for Shooty armies which cost me the win versus serpent spam in the first round.

Primary 2 - Kingslayer
Kill the enemy Warlord. I saw this as an advantage in my favor believe it or not.

Primary 3 - Emperor's Will

Each primary is worth 6 battle points for the win and 3 for the draw.

First Blood - Slay the Warlord - Lime Breaker - Last Laugh

Each secondary is worth 1 battle point.

Vanguard Strike

Night Fight is in play first turn. I win the roll for choosing the deployment zone choosing the side with most cover and line of sight blocking terrain. I also win the roll to deploy opting to go second.

Warlord Trait - Stealth in Ruins

I can't remember which WLT my opponent got.

Psychic Powers - Pyromancy Lore
Primaris - heavy flamer
Fire Shield (so awesome versus Orks... Heh)

When it comes to choosing your psychic lore you can never go wrong with Pyromancy verus hordes and Fire Shield is too good to be true (a bit of foreshadowing).

I have superior fire power and want to draw my opponent towards me so I can assault first. I will definitely be counter charged with all those Trukk Boyz but I need to hit his Warbiker Deathstar as hard as possible with my BikeStar. Grey Hunters can be game winning superstars this game with the micro alpha strike... I will play if safe with them so as not to lose them early. I feel good about the game but know I can't make any mistakes due to Jon's inherent speed.

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