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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Round 4 • Thunder & Lightning vs. Iron Hands & Space Wolves

I'm going to fast forward to my fourth round which took place at the beginning of day 2 at the GT. Again I really need a big win again to climb back up in the overall rankings. This mission has Hammer and Anvil deployment which is the worst one for my biker army. I go up to the judges' table to see the pairings when they announce them and see I'm matched up versus an old friend from my gaming club - Marc Parker ! Marc has brought one of the two Space Marine flyer spam armies which I really dread to face and was hoping to avoid - oh well. My army has no Skyfire whatsoever and with this deployment it's looking even tougher as my usual tactic versus flyer heavy armies is immediately turbo boosting across the table to my opponent's table edge to make it harder for them to target my squads. Sometimes with enough grav gun shots you get lucky, immobilize a flyer and it crashes and burns... Or a lucky Melta shot hits and makes it past their jink save. That's really my only hope or so it would seem.

Here is Marc's army list:

- Primary Detachment - Iron Hands -


4x Scout
Sergeant - Meltabombs

4x Scout - 3x Sniper Rifle - Missile Launcher

Stormtalon - Skyhammer Missiles

Stormtalon - Skyhammer Missiles

Stormtalon - Skyhammer Missiles

Stormraven - Twin Linked Lascannon - Twin Linked Multi-Melta

Stormraven - Twin Linked Lascannon - Twin Linked Multi-Melta

Stormraven - Twin Linked Lascannon - Twin Linked Multi-Melta

- Space Wolves Brethren of the Fell-Handed Detachment -

Bjorn - Hellfrost Cannon

Venerable Dreadnaught - Great Axe - Stormshield

Venerable Dreadnaught - Great Axe - Stormshield

- Fortifications -

Imperial Bunker - Comms Relay

It's kind of a crazy list and those Space Wolf dreadnaughts will be really tough to handle in mėlee plus they've all got invulnerable saves to boot.

Here are the rules for the fourth mission:

Primary 1 - The Scouring (6 objective markers)

Primary 2 - Maelström
1) Hold either objective marker #1
2) Hold either objective marker #2
3) Hold either objective marker #3

Each player places their objective marker #1 in their own deployment zone; objective markers #2 go in No Man's Land (outside of either players' deployment zone); objective markers #3 are placed in the opponent's deployment zone.

4 - 6) Destroy an enemy unit

Primary 3 - Table Quarters

Treat each table quarter as a separate objective for this primary.

Each primary objective is worth 6 victory points for a win and three for a draw.

Secondary Objectives:

First Blood - Slay the Warlord - Line Breaker - Last Laugh

Each secondary objective is worth 1 victory point so the total maximum score possible is 22 victory points.

We roll for our warlord traits and I get Master of Ambush again which lets me infiltrate up to three units. This is definitely a bit of good luck for me ! I roll on the Telepathy lore for psychic powers - Dominate, Psychic Shriek and Shrouded. Shrouded could very useful since my bikes will have a 2+ cover save when they jink and I'll probably be snap shooting most of the game anyways versus those six flyer. I don't remember Marc's warlord trait or which psychic powers he rolled for his Librarian.

I win the roll to go deploy and go first. I decide to infiltrate the Chapter Master attached to the command squad and two of my biker squads. My other two HQ will attach to the third biker squad and go into reserve. Marc decides to deploy one of his scout squads embarked in his bunker. I then deploy my bikes 18" away. Marc then seizes the initiative.

1st Turn - Iron Hands and Space Wolves
The scouts take some potshots at the command squad but fail to deal any damage.

1st Turn - BikeStar
The Grey Hunters pod down right beside the bunker with minimal scatter then my bikes move up close to the bunker. Both of the Grey Hunters' meltaguns hit and penetrate the bunker then it explodes killing most of the scouts inside and they fail their pinning check. My Chapter Master then calls down his orbital strike and it vaporizes the last of the scouts... Game over !

Pretty amazing how it all worked out plus I then had time to go and eat a nice breakfast. Next up will the third round versus Tyranids.

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