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Blood Vow

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Round 5 • Thunder & Lightning vs. Speed Freaks (SoFlo) * Turns 1 - 4

My deployment:

I want a safe distance from the horde to control the tempo and prevent an early head on assault. I use terrain to block line of sight as much as possible from the Lootas. Jon also deploys on the conservative side as well.

Objective markers are far apart - neither in no man's land. I'm counting on the Grey Hunters to make something happen first turn. Looks like we will dance until one side goes in strong.

1st Turn - Speed Freaks
Jon plays it conservative maintaining the separation between our lines. The Lootas fire some pot shots at BikeStar but with the 2+ jink save (Night Fight) I take no wounds.

1st Turn - BikeStar
Grey Hunters pod down with a direct hit landing behind a big piece of line of blocking terrain. They disembark in position to rapid fire the forward Loota squad. Bikes reposition to also move into rapid fire range of Lootas. After the smoke clears the Lootas are toast netting me First Blood and one kill point... I had a feeling First Blood would be important.

KP - Orks: 0, BikeStar: 1
BikeStar - FB

Second through fourth turns we both dance - neither army willing to commit. Shooting on both sides is inconsequential... I slowly whittle down the second squad of Lootas but those green bastards pass every morale check. A couple of attack bikes take a wound... Nothing major.

If I move into position to charge trukkz I'll be counter charged by the rest of the horde including the Warbiker Deathstar.. I've got a two point lead though and decide to play it cagey forcing the Orks to come to me.

Turn five things start to get interesting.

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