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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anthem Games December 40k RTT 7th edition system

I think it's taking a lot of time for just about every tournament organizer (TO) to come to grips with 7th edition and in many ways it is both a love hate relationship and the Wild Wild West wrapped into one. Imperial Knights and other non character Lords of War (LoW) such as the Transcendental C'Tan have re shaped the game for better or worse. Even if you don't field non character LoW you must design your army list accordingly to be competitive. Some people are still trying to wrap their heads around the central concepts of combined arms detachments (CAD) and formations.

If you have examined some of the new codices and supplements released since the official launch of 7th edition you'll notice lots of CADs and formations are out on the shelves now. Almost every tournament system I have reviewed are a product of 6th edition — typically you are allowed to field up to one CAD and up to one formation plus many things are all lumped together under the general heading of allied detachment. Very few so far have allowed you to field an army composed of multiple CADs and formations.

Adepticon and TempleCon
Things are starting to change - Adepticon, the king of all things Indy GT, have stepped up to the plate and will allow multiple CADs and formations next year. TempleCon in Rhode Island is also going to allow up to two CADs and non character LoW. It's refreshing to see some of the major events are finally moving forward and leaving 6th edition behind... They are raising the bar which will force others to follow suit. The old system I described above is nothing more than some TOs not wanting to bother and letting their prejudice show.

Moving On and It's Effect on Armies
It's time to move on now and I truly believe armies such as Grey Knights and Orks could compete at the top tier if players were allowed to play 7th edition as it was designed... Mechanicon has proved this to be true for Grey Knights. A half assed designed tournament system doesn't really do anybody any favors except for those certain players looking for the means to exploit them. TOs still advocating a 6th edition approach to running a competitive tournament need to sit down for a moment or how ever long it takes and take a long hard look at what 7th edition truly entails... Embrace it ! Everybody will be better off too. Heavy restrictions heavily favor specific armies whose codices were released prior to 7th edition and it just gets worse with each new codex or supplement that is released.

My System
1) Multiple CADs and formations are in
2) Character LoW are in (e.g., Ghazkul, Logan and Draigo)
3) Allied detachments are in
4) Stronghold Assault is in (some restrictions)
5) Escalation is in (some restrictions - as most no one wants to face off versus the Transcendental C'tan)
6) Forge World is in (40k approved units only)
7) Forge World armies and Apocalypse are out
8) Unbound armies are out
9) Come the Apocalypse allies are out

So yes there are certainly still some restrictions in place but overall my system is much less restricted than what we've seen so far. I'm willing to take feedback too.

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