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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Round 2 • Thunder & Lightning vs. Chaos Space Marines • SoFlo GT (Miami)

The second round was versus vile heretics - Chaos Space Marines by the unholy name of the Crimson Slaughter ! My opponent Daniel was packing a solid army list and the deployment for the mission was quite interesting to say the least. I knew I had my work cut out for me and was up for the challenge. After losing a close fought game in the first round I needed a big win to bounce back up into the upper bracket.

Here is Daniel's army list:

- Primary Detachment - Chaos Space Marines -

Sorcerer - Bike - Level 3 Psyker (Biomancy Lore) /Warlord

7x Chaos Space Marine - Meltagun

7x Chaos Space Marine

4x Chaos Space Marine Biker - 2x Meltagun
Champion - Power Fist

Vindicator - Extra Armor

Maulerfiend - Magna Cutters

Maulerfiend - Magna Cutters

- Allied Detachment - Crimson Slaughter -

Chaos Lord - Bike - Gift of Mutation - Mark of Nurgle - Sigil of Corruption - Slaughterer's Horns - Power Fist - Lightning Claw

10x Cultist

5x Plague Marine - 2x Meltagun
Champion - Power Sword

5x Chaos Spawn - Mark of Nurgle

Plague Hulk of Nurgle

Here is the mission:

Deployment zones was modified Dawn of War but offset from the long table edges by 6" so you ended up 12" closer across the board.

Primary Objective 1 - The Relic

Primary Objective 2 - Four objectives placed 18" from the side edge on the inner edge of each deployment zone

Primary Objective 3 - Purge the Alien - Elite units are worth 2 points each and all other units are worth 1 point each

Each primary objective is worth 6 victory points for the win and 3 for the draw.

Secondary Objectives:
First Blood - Slay the Warlord - Line Breaker - Last Laugh

Each secondary objective is worth 1 victory point so the maximum score possible is 22 victory points (6 + 6 + 6 + 4).

My Warlord trait was from strategic traits that allows up to three units to infiltrate. I can't remember which trait Danny got. I rolled on the Telepathy lore - Psychic Shriek and Shrouded were of note. Danny rolled on the Biomancy lore - Endurance and Enfeeble were of note.

Again there was plenty of terrain - the table was setup much like the old Cityfight style campaign with lots of multilevel ruins. Danny won the roll to deploy first (and go first) spreading his units across his deployment zone with the pair of Maulerfiends over to my left side. Danny had his Deathstar as well with the Sorcerer and Chaos Lord both attached to the Chaos Spawn - he deployed them behind the Maulerfiends.

I chose to infiltrate my three biker squads hiding them from the Plague Hulk and Vindicator all over to my left. I deployed BikeStar (all HQ attached to the command squad) over to my left as well and far enough away to make sure there was no chance for first turn charges from either Maulerfiend.

My plan was to first take out the Vindicator and two Maulerfiends. Grey Hunters are assigned to the tank while I'll let the Maulerfiends come to me so I can shoot them then punch them in the face if need be. I should have given more thought to the Chaos Deathstar - it's very nasty with Endurance up. I try to always keep all of my bike squads at least 19" away from their table edge so if they fall back they won't flee the table... This game I got caught up in the killing spree and forgot about that very important tactic, if I should lose my BikeStar to a failed panic check it's pretty much game over for me.

No Night Fight this game - I then seized the initiative.

Turn 1 - Bike Star
The Grey Hunters pod down beside the Vindicator with minimal scatter and dismount for shots into the rear arc. Two biker squads move into grav gun range of a rhino with a squad of Chaos Marines embarked. The other bike squad moves up beside BikeStar so both units can target the closest Maulerfiend. My Librarian successfully casts Shrouding on BikeStar. The Grey Hunters explode the Vindicator for First Blood - the two biker squads combine to explode the rhino (Chaos Space Marines suffer some losses in the explosion and are pinned). Shooting from BikeStar and the other biker squad manages to strip two hull points from the Maulerfiend and immobilize it. Excellent first turn for BikeStar !

Turn 1 - Chaos Space Marines
The Chaos Space Marine bikers move into position to shoot and assault the Grey Hunters with support from the close by Plague Hulk. The Chaos Deathstar moves such that they are out of range for a turn 2 charge by my BikeStar and the mobile Maulerfiend crashes through the walls of a building headed straight towards my BikeStar. The Sorcerer successfully casts Endurance on the Chaos Deathstar. The Chaos Space Marine bikers shoot the Grey Hunters who go to ground and manage to drop three - they break and fall back outside of charge range. The Plague Hulk assaults the drop pod and explodes it - a couple of the Chaos Space Marine bikers die in the ensuing explosion - they also break, fall back and just hit their table edge... Gone !
The mobile Maulerfiend is just in range to charge BikeStar but two lucky grav gun shots get through and wreck it on Overwatch... Wow really couldn't have gone much better than that did.

BikeStar: 4 KP, First Blood

Turn 2 - BikeStar
I decide to go for the easy kill point with the BikeStar versus the immobilized Maulerfiend. The three biker squads all converge on the pinned Chaos Space Marines. Grey Hunters regroup and move into position to shoot and assault the Plague Hulk. I successfully cast Shrouding on BikeStar and also Psychic Shriek the pinned Chaos Space Marines zapping a couple. Shooting from the biker squads eradicate the remaining Chaos Space Marines and BikeStar finishes off the last Maulerfiend. The Grey Hunters then explode the Plague Hulk with their meltaguns.

Turn 2 - Chaos Space Marines
Here is where I make a huge mistake that could potentially cost me the game. Danny still has his Deathstar left and they move up to assault BikeStar who are close enough to my board edge if they should fall back it could be fatal. The Plague Marines disembark from their rhino to tackle the Grey Hunters.

The Sorcerer first attempts to cast Endurance which I try to deny with all my warp charge and fail. The Sorcerer then successfully enfeebles my BikeStar... Oh noes !!! Luckily the Sorcerer fails to cast Force. The Plague Marines rapid fire into the Grey Hunters along with their meltaguns dropping them down to just three remaining including the Wolf Guard and they pass their break check.

Danny then declares his assault on BikeStar with his DeathStar - I opt to fire all the twin linked bolters on Overwatch but with Endurance up he takes no wounds. I tank all the wounds on the Chapter Master whom only fails two saves thanks to Feel No Pain but BikeStar fails to inflict any wounds back - Endurance is really good for those Spawn ! BikeStar then passes morale thanks to the re roll due to the chapter banner then hit and run out of combat.

BikeStar: 7 KP, First Blood

Turn 3 - BikeStar
I need to do something about the Chaos Deathstar and unfortunately my BikeStar is still enfeebled. There is also the newly emerged Death Guard but I consider them a secondary threat. BikeStar and all three biker squads converge on the Chaos Deathstar along with the last of the Grey Hunters - I'm literally going to throw everything I've got at them and this is where the Wulfenstone first really comes into play since it grants Furious Charge to the BikeStar - all my power fists and Thunderhammer attacks will be S7 with Furious Charge versus S6 without it - so I'm wounding on 3+ versus 4+ in melee. I successfully cast Force on the Librarian and then Shriek the Chaos Deathstar dropping one Spawn. All my twin linked bolters and Meltas then unload dropping another Spawn plus two wounds on another. All my units then assault - down goes the rest of the Spawn along with the Sorcerer - the Chaos Lord is fearless so they lock.

Turn 3 - Chaos Space Marines
The Plague Marines move into position to join the mėlee while the remaining squad of Chaos Space Marines drop back onto one of the Primary 2 objective markers. Note the cultists have been chilling the whole time on another objective marker back in their deployment zone hiding behind line of sight blocking terrain. We go straight into the assault phase - I lose a few bikers in the process but wipe out the Chaos Lord and Death Guard.

At this point my opponent then concedes the game and I win with full points.

BikeStar: 11 KP, First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, Last Laugh

Fairly easy game except for the big mistake when I opted to deny Endurance rather the malediction Enfeeble - with Mastery Level 2 and Adamantium Will (Shield Eternal) the BikeStar is quite resilient versus most enemy Psykers so I really flubbed it and could have possibly lost the game if not for the re rolled morale check due to the command squad chapter banner - don't ever leave the battle barge without it !

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