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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Guest Batrep • Greg Swanson's SM Biker Army vs Dark Eldar

I actually made it to a tournament on November 22nd at Draxtar Games. It was 1850 points, with about 24 players and used the Adepticon Primer Scenarios. They were all Maelstrom missions with 6 objectives. The scenarios and mission cards are available on the Adepticon website. I have been building my army towards the LVO and Adepticon and figured I would try what I have painted for this tournament ( I can’t stand playing with unpainted figs in a tournament and even though it was allowed I can’t bring myself to do it).

My list was Dark Angels primary and White Scars secondary:

Raven Wing
Sammael on Corvex
Librarian Level 2, Bike Melta Bombs, Force Axe, Mace of Redemption
Techmarine Bike, Power Field, Melta Bombs

Two 3 man Bike Squads sgts with melta bombs and 2 flamers
One 3 man Bike Squad agt w/combi melta & melta bombs with 2 meltagun
* All bike squads w/ multi melta attack bikes

Land Speeder w/ typhoon missile launcher and multi melta
Land Speeder w/ heavy flamer and multi melta

White Scars
Chapter Master Bike, Shield Eternal, Powerfist, Artificer Armor

Five man bike squad 2 grav guns and sgt w/combi grav and melta bombs
Five man scout squad bp & ccw sgt w/combi melta and melta bombs

Land Speeder Storm w/heavy flamer

My opponent's (Jeremy Applebaum’s list) was Dark Eldar with two detachments...

(Didn’t get a copy so not exactly sure)

Some 10 point HQ
7 Venoms w/some guys with a blaster
6 Ravagers all with dark lances
3 Planes with dark lances and each with 4 bombs large blast str 6 ap 5

The mission was dawn of war deployment with 6 maelstrom objectives scattered evenly about, like two triangles. Each turn we would draw a modified Adpeticon card up to the turn it was on. So on turn three you drew enough cards to ensure you had three in your hand. You also scored points for line breaker, warlord and first blood. At the end of the game you added your differential in victory points to 15. The highest you could score was 30 and the lowest was 0. You could discard on at the end of each turn.

Terrain was fairly even with no real huge LOS blocking terrain. He took first turn and deployed everything but five guys one of which was his warlord and the flyers.

Seeing all his firepower I deployed everything as far up as possible. I then scouted everything to midfield. My thought was to have target saturation and make him pick his spots. My command squad was a little on my right and across from the largest concentration of venoms and ravagers. There was no night fight. My only power that mattered was shrouding. I prayed to the emperor to roll a six and of course rolled a one.

DE Turn 1
He moves very little. He sends one venom to cover the objective he drew this turn. He proceeds to unload on me, it ends up a very poor turn for him. First he concentrated a lot of firepower on the command squad. Sammael and the chapter master tank all the wounds taking I think one and two respectively. He probably fired three ravagers and 4 or five venoms at them. However I have good saves and feel no pain so not much happens to them. He kills off one attack bike for first blood and nicks a couple of attack bikes and bike squads. At the end of his turn he has 2 points one for his objective and one for first blood.

DE: 2 DA: 0

DA Turn 1
I cast shrouding and move everything forward 12 inches. I move one flamer unit back to cover the objective I drew. I downed three venoms and one ravager. I stun another one and cause 2 more to jink. He had immobilized one in a bad position on his first turn. I believe a couple of warrior groups either die or run off the board. I score two points for my objective.

DE: 2 DA: 2

DE Turn 2
He rolls for reserves and gets two flyers. The come in on my left. He shuffles around a little. Our forces are very intermingled and there is a not a lot of room for him to maneuver. I think he may have been better served by forgoing shooting and moving around to set up for later turns. However the shooting commences. This time there is not nearly as much. I take a few casualties. Most notably the White Scar bike unit evaporates under assault from the flyers the first one hits with all 4 missile and then snap shots its dark lances to kill off all but one bike which the next flyer finishes off with his dark lances. He again scores 2 points. One for killing a unit in the shooting phase and another for holding an objective.

DE: 4 DA: 2

DA Turn 2
This is the turn that pretty much ends the game. My units are all mixed in with his setting up a lot of good shooting and multi charges. At the end of this turn I have killed off most of his stuff while taking minimal casualties of my own. In addition I drew one objective that was called take no prisoners where if I killed off 6 units I get 5 points. Needless to say I completed this. Also I drew another card that netted me 2 more points. At this point I believe he has one ravager and a few venoms left.

DE: 4 DA: 9

The rest of the game was an exercise in mopping up. At the end all he had left was a wounded venom and the three flyers which I had been ignoring. I lost a few units but most of my army was intact. We ended on turn five he did manage to score seven more points. I picked up 16 more leaving the finally tally at 25 to 11. The differential was +14 my way leaving our scores at 29 to 1. His lackluster alpha strike really hurt him and my turn two gutted his army. Anyway, on to the top table next to face Tony Grippando and his wave serpent revue.

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