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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

40k Batrep - BikeStar vs. The Abomination - Part 2

Turn 2 BikeStar
BikeStar moves into position to multi-assault the Bastion and gants. The full biker squad races around behind the multi level ruin. The lone biker sergeant moves as far as possible away from the main action in order to split up the Tyranid FMCs.

Again the Rune Priest is ineffective in the psychic phase... Oh well.

The full biker unit opts to target the Tervigon instead of the nine freshly shat gants and strip two more wounds.

BikeStar then multi assaults the big gant brood and the Bastion. Bastion goes BOOM... Amazingly one gant survives to keep both the BikeStar and Grey Hunters locked in combat. One Biovore takes two wounds and the implosion crushes the Venomthrope.

Turn 3 Tyranids
Rippers arrive from reserve and deep strike close to a Crusade objective marker.

Both the Warlord Flyrant and Crone return, zooming over the BikeStar but fail to inflict any wounds with their Vector Strikes. The other Crone goes after the lone biker sergeant. The Tervigon shats another 10 gants and poops out whom form a shield around it.

The Tyranids fail to cast Paroxysm on BikeStar... w00t.

The lone biker sergeant manages to avoid death yet again and Warp Lance strips one wound from the drop pod.

BikeStar then eliminates the last gant from the original brood and consolidates towards the Tervigon.

Turn 3 BikeStar
The BikeStar moves into point blank range to assault the Tervigon... They will need to find a way to remove the gant screen. Grey Hunters back up into the multi level ruin training their guns on the new gants while the bike squad moves into position to shoot and assault the freshly hatched gant brood. The lone biker sergeant scoots into a ruin on the far side trying his best to hive again.

The Rune Priest successfully casts Enfeeble on the gants screening the Tervigon from BikeStar. His other psychic powers both fail to go off.

The Grey Hunters shoot first removing enough of the gant shield so that BikeStar can assault the Tervigon. The bike squad vaporize the other gant brood.

BikeStar then multi assaults the Tervigon and last of the gants removing them from the table. BikeStar consolidates behind the multi level ruin.

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