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Monday, July 21, 2014

Enter the Stormfang

Photo: Enter the Stormfang...

Space Wolf Flyer

It will come in 2 versions:

1) 215 points
Assault transport with 16 models capacity

Twin linked Hellfrost Cannon:

Two fire modes:
- s6 ap3, blast, then it forces a Str test. If the test is failed, the enemy dies
- s8 ap1 , heavy 1 - rest is the same

Heavy Bolters can be upgraded to Multi-Melta or Skyhammer Missile Launcher

2) 220 points
6 models capacity
Hellfrost Cannon (the same as above)
Storm Strike missile

Both flyers have Machine Spirit and Ceramite plating.

It comes with a Helfrost Destructor, two twin-linked heavy bolters, two stormstrike missiles and ceramite plating, with power of the machine spirit.  Heavy bolter upgrades to skyhammer missile launcher or two twin linked multi-meltas  stormstrike missiles can be upgraded to a twin linked lascannon. 

Helfrost Destructor:

Dispersed 24" S6 AP3 Hvy1, Helfrost, Large Blast 
Focused 24" S8 AP1, Hvy1, Helfrost, Lance 

Stormstrike Missile 72" S8 AP2 hvy1 Concussive one shot only

Photo: Stormfang...

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