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Monday, June 30, 2014

ATC Prep Match - 40k Batrep - BikeStar vs The Abomination - Part 1

I had three practice games this past weekend to prepare for ATC... which is only two weekends away now !! This game is the featured batrep. My last batrep versus ScreamerStar there were a few mistakes with the rules on both sides, which is to be expected since 7th edition is still quite new. Hopefully this game we got it all right.

I am running the BikeStar...

Combined Arms Detachment White Scars

Khan - Moondrakken /Warlord

Chapter Master - Bike - Artificer Armor - Thunderhammer - Shield Eternal

Command Squad - Bikes
4x Stormshield - 3x Meltabombs - 4x Grav Gun

5x Biker - 2x Grav Gun
Attack Bike - Multi-Melta
Sergeant - Combi Grav - Meltabombs

5x Biker - 2x Grav Gun
Attack Bike - Multi-Melta
Sergeant - Combi Grav - Meltabombs

Allied Detachment Space Wolves

Wolf Lord - Bike - Runic Armor - Thunderhammer - Stormshield - Wolf Tooth Necklace - Saga of the Bear

Rune Priest - Bike - Runic Armor - Meltabombs
Level 2 Psyker - Biomancy Enfeeble - Hemorrhage - Smite

NOTE - I wanted to give Biomancy a test run since if the Rune Priest should get Iron Arm it turns him into uber beast mode plus Life Leech is great for restoring wounds to any of the multi wound characters in the BikeStar. Alas it wasn't to be. That said Enfeeble came in quite handy a couple times.

10x Grey Hunter
2x Plasmagun - Plasma Pistol - Wolf Standard - Power Axe - Mark of the Wulfen
Drop Pod

Here is my opponent's army list...

Flyrant - 2x Devourers - Electroshock Grubs /Warlord
Flyrant - 2x Devourers - Electroshock Grubs

30x Termagant

Tervigon - Electroshock Grubs

3x Ripper


Crone - Cluster Spines

Crone - Cluster Spines

3x Biovores

NOTE - I forgot to record my opponent's psychic powers... Sorry! The Tervigon had Paroxysm. One of the Flyrants had Warp Lance and Paroxysm.


Void Shield - 3 Defense Lines

Allied Detachment - Come the Apocalypse

Imperial Knight Errant - Melta Cannon

Warlord Traits
Khan - +d3 VP for slaying the enemy Warlord
Hive Tyrant - Infiltrate up to 3 units

ATC Mission

3 Primary objectives (each worth 8 points for win or 4 points for a draw):
— Kill Points
— Emperors Will
— Crusade (4 objective markers, two of which can't be placed in ether deployment zone)

3 Secondary objectives (each 2 points):
— First Blood
— Slay the Warlord
— Line Breaker

So there are a maximum of 30 point total.


Dawn of War

No Night Fight.

Here are a couple of pictures of the board prior to deployment...

We roll off to choose deployment zones—I got the side to the right. The Crusade objective markers were liberally scattered around the table. I place my Emperor's Will objective right at the left corner of my deployment - I never try to hold it by the way - my opponent places his behind the Bastion.

My opponent won the roll to decide who deploys first and chose to do so... He deploys in a castle to his right side...

— Bastion (Venomthrope inside and Biovores on top) beside a multi level ruin
— Tervigon to the left of the Bastion
— Termagants spread around the Bastion and behind the defense lines
— Flyrants and Crones behind the multi level ruin on his back line
— Knight over to his left side
— Rippers held in reserve and will deep strike

I deploy as follows - all three bike squads spread out all the way up and facing right across from my opponent's castle. BikeStar is furthest to my right and closest to the enemy Knight.

Infiltrate and Scout Moves
My opponent then infiltrates two Crones and the non Warlord Flyrant up in front of the multi level ruin in his development zone. I then scout move all my bikes straight ahead.

I roll to seize the initiative but fail... Would have been nice.

1st Turn Tyranids|Knight
All four FMCs zoom ahead and position their bases side by side to block off forward movement for the bikes. The Warlord Flyrant lands in a big ruin in the center of the table beside the BikeStar.

A Flyrant successfully casts Paroxysm on the BikeStar reducing their BS and WS by -2.

Lots and lots of shooting then commences - one bike squad is reduced to a couple bikers (sergeant and one grav gunner) who pass their leadership test. Also the Rune Priest loses one wound.

1st Turn BikeStar
The Grey Hunters drop pod lands on top of the multi level ruin beside the Bastion and does not scatter.

The BikeStar moves up to surround the WarLord Flyrant.

The intact bike squad flanks around forward and to my left moving behind all the FMCs. The remnant bike squad drops back behind terrain in an attempt to hide and stay alive.

Nothing much to note occurred in the psychic phase this turn... Rune Priest failed to cast Enfeeble on the Warlord Flyrant and Smite failed to hit.

The Grey Hunters unload their plasma weapons and bolters into the Tervigon and manage to strip two wounds. The drop pod targets the gants and pops a couple. The intact biker squad targets the Warlord Flyrant but fails to inflict any wounds. BikeStar then unloads into the Warlord Flyrant, strips one wound but it passes it's grounding check... Drat !!

2nd Turn Tyranids|Knight
Rippers fail to arrive from reserve.

The FMCs all zoom again spreading out - Warlord Flyrant and one Crone exit the table, killing the grav gun biker in the remnant bike squad with a Vector Strike but fortunately the other attack failed to inflict a wound (no First Blood). The traitor Knight ambles over beside BikeStar. The Tervigon shats out nine more baby gants out to its right.

The psychic phase goes off again and the remaining Flyrant successfully casts Paroxysm on BikeStar but only reducing their BS and WS by -1 this turn.

The shooting then commences... The Tervigon and gants only manage to take down three of the Grey Hunters. Note the lone biker sergeant is out of enemy line of sight. The rest of the shooting (including the traitor Knight) is focused on BikeStar but comes up empty... Pretty amazing.

The Knight then charges BikeStar - I lose only one command squad biker, the Chapter Master takes a wound then they make the Traitor Knight go BOOM for First Blood !

Lots of 6s to penetrate with the thunderhammer and meltabomb attacks... It can happen. The ensuing gianormous explosion does not scatter and again BikeStar takes no damage. BikeStar then consolidates forward into the ruin.

The big gant brood then charges the Grey Hunters. I lose one more Space Wolf and chop down four of their number.


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