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Thursday, July 03, 2014

10 tips for ATC

1. I enjoyed every game last year. There were never any shenanigans or slow play. That really says a lot to me and is THE best thing about the tournament. Your team will suffer if you don't play straight. Don't ever try to cheat or slow play and always treat each opponent with respect. I tried to go out of my way to make sure every opponent had a fun time.

2. All the best players from across the country come to play. I remember looking around in awe both days. There are no easy games. If your team doesn't do so good one round it's totally possible the next round could be be even tougher. Only a small handful of people will win every game. Some will lose a lot of games but it's not a big deal - try your best though to score some points every round - it will really help your team a lot. Always remember you are part of a team!

3. The mission format is very simple and easy to play once you understand how it works. It's the same mission every time too. To do well the one most important thing is to understand how the mission works:

Primary Objectives
Crusade—Emperor's Will—Purge the Alien

Each is worth 8 points if you win it - 4 points apiece for draws.

Secondary Objectives
First Blood—Slay the Warlord—Line Breaker

Each is worth 2 points.

4. Read the FAQ over and over—know it like the back of your hand. Print a copy of the FAQ and bring it with you.

5. Know all the rules for your army inside out.

These two steps will save you and your opponents a lot of time... You really don't want to be standing there flipping pages through the rulebook or your codex.

6. The judges expect you and your opponents to resolve any disputes regarding the rules.

7. Play to score points, not to table your opponents. You are part of a team and not everyone is going to win each round. I'd rather do okay every game rather than max out twice... Those donuts really hurt a whole heck of a lot.

8. It's really hard to say which armies will be the best so it's better to bring a well rounded army rather than a one trick pony.

9. There is a strategy to the pairings. Your team should be very flexible and able to adapt each round. If you have to throw down the first army then you get to pick the table. Being able to choose your table can be a big equalizer.

10. Have a good time above all else. This is one of the best tournaments in the world.

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