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Friday, July 04, 2014

40k Batrep Part 3 - BikeStar vs. The Abomination (Conclusion)

Turn 4 Tyranids
The Flyrant and Crone arrive via Ongoing Reserves. So my opponent has left two Flyrants, two Crones and the Rippers. I've got BikeStar (mostly intact), biker squad and the lone biker sergeant.

Rippers move in position to claim one of the Crusade objective markers. Both Flyrants zoom in position to focus fire on the biker squad while the two Crones go after the lone biker.

Nothing to note happened in the psychic phase.

Shooting sees the lone biker sergeant finally snuffs it. The biker squad is also eradicated by overwhelming fire power from the dual Flyrants.

Turn 4 BikeStar
BikeStar moves into position to shoot and assault the Biovores.

The Rune Priest successfully casts Enfeeble on the Warlord Flyrant and suffers a wound from Perils in the Warp.

BikeStar shoots up the Biovores.

Turn 5 Tyranids
It could be the last turn. One Crone lands to grab my Emperor's Will objective marker - the other one also lands to grab another Crusade objective Marker. The Warlord Flyrant zooms on top of the multi level ruin to target BikeStar. The other Flyrant will shoot them through a window.

Again nothing to note happened in the psychic phase.

Focused fire on BikerStar reduces the unit to just Khan, Chapter Master and the Wolf Lord.

Turn 5 BikeStar
BikeStar moves back into the ruin and fans out around the Emperor's Will objective marker.

BikeStar then targets the Flyrant and manage to strip another wound bringing the beast down to its last wound.

We roll to see if the game continues - it ends.

Primary Goals
Crusade - Tyranids
Emperor's Will - drawn
Purge the Alien - BikeStar (7-4)

Secondary Goals
First Blood - BikeStar
Slay the Warlord -
Line Breaker - BikeStar & Tyranids

So I win by a margin of two points since I took First Blood (16-14).

Post Game Analysis
I knew it would be a tough game. To be honest even though I did try to seize - so I could possibly gun down a couple of FMCs - going second worked out well since I could always react to my opponent's movement.

The Grey Hunters were clutch tying up the large gant brood long enough for BikeStar to hit the Tyranid line and also inflicting a couple wounds on the Tervigon on the drop. The Grey Hunters also cleared out a gap in the gant screen via shooting so BikeStar could multi assault the Bastion and Tervigon - taking them both down on the charge.

I'm starting to really like Biomancy as the go to psychic lore for BikeStar. I didn't roll up any of the really good psychic powers but twice Enfeeble was very helpful. Iron Arm, Endurance and Life Leech are all really good for BikeStar.

I baited the Knight with BikeStar and that worked out well. I have faced lists with multiple Knights back in 6th edition when D was a whole lot nastier so I wasn't too worried about the one... BikeStar can kill most anything on the ground. BikeStar eliminated almost every enemy ground this game except for the rippers. I had some hot dice versus the Knight at full strength with BikeStar but even if it had managed to survive the first round of melee I could have Hit and Run out.

It's really hard for my army to deal with flyers and FMCs while they are up in the air so I ignore them as much as possible. Tyranid FMCs are not a threat to BikeStar in melee - I love the new rules for challenges as it really helped to better balance this aspect of the game.

The lone biker sergeant drew a lot of heat off the rest of my army for several turns and managed to last a lot longer than I expected. His role as a distraction was fulfilled.

I played to the mission knowing I'd have to get across the table as quickly as possible. I never play to hold my own Emperor's Will objective marker as that goes against the main strength of the army. In the end it was close but BikeStar tipped the scales in my favor.

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