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Friday, July 11, 2014

Building the Perfect BikeStar - Part 2

The allied detachment can make or break this army. While there are several good choices Space Wolves are the best.

Why Space Wolves
Space Wolves unlock a second beat stick HQ - the Bear Lord:

Wolf Lord - Bike - Runic Armor - Stormshield - Thunderhammer - Wolf Tooth Necklace - Saga of the Bear

The Bear Lord is another Eternal Warrior with the 2+/3++ save and swings a mean stick too, plus he always hits on 3++ (Wolf Tooth Necklace). which is a great boon versus any enemy unit with Invisibility. The Bear Lord also has a large number of attacks in melee. You can also equip him with the Wolf Tail Talisman which is a nice little perk to boost your Deny the Witch rolls when your opponent attempts to cast a malediction on your BikeStar.

Space Wolves have access to a second HQ. I run a Rune Priest which was an auto include back in sixth edition since the Rune Staff automatically blocked enemy psychic powers up to 24" away on a 4+... It's not as good now with the new SW FAQ but it's still fairly potent (Deny the Witch on a 5+). The Rune Priest can still cast Prescience on the BikeStar, which while two warp charges now, is a huge offensive boost for both shooting grav guns and attacks in melee. I have been experimenting with Biomancy lately - if you roll up the right spells such as Iron Arm the Rune Priest morphs into a scary monster... +3 to both S (S7) and T (T8) plus he gains Smash which grants his melee attacks AP2—coupled with his force weapon this is really good. Always remember to cast Force versus tough multi-wound enemy units! Finally the Rune Priest should always be equipped with runic armor and meltabombs. Life Leech is great for restoring wounds to characters attached to the BikeStar. Endurance makes all the characters Eternal Warrior plus a 4+ Feel No Pain (FNP).

Grey Hunters
Grey Hunters are still one of the best troops in the game - especially for the points. I experimented a lot, first starting with two squads then eventually boiled it down to one full squad which I often refer to as Loaded for Bear...

Wolf Standard - Mark of the Wulfen - Power Axe - 2x Meltagun - Plasma Pistol

Of course they arrive via drop pod and are an excellent disruption unit. My Grey Hunters are a staple unit.

Other Allied Choices
The first one that springs to mind are Iron Hands using the Clan Raccoon supplement - you can take another Chapter Master mounted on a bike with the Gorgon's Chains. This would also allow you to take up to two more biker squads - so you can flood the table with bikes. I haven't tried it yet though so I don't have any real experience using them but I think it could work... No psychic powers though and no psychic defense.

I'll stick with Space Wolves as my allied choice for the remainder of this series of articles since that's what I know. The third article will demonstrate how to flush out your army list.

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