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Thursday, July 17, 2014

40k Wrecking Crew Reboot

I am happy to announce we are currently looking for new members. Here is a link to our forums...


Come check it out !

We have very high standards - historically we have recruited competitive gamers that travel to play in big events and have a winning way. That said sportsmanship is always the most important—we want our opponents to look forward to games with our members. Being a great sport always comes first !

Here is what someone recently had to say about 40kWC:

Every time I was at a tournament and across from me was a guy wearing a WC shirt, I knew I was in for a great game, both tactically and otherwise. Every mistake made would be seized upon and exploited. Gareth beat me one game and i am still trying to figure out how...

We are also looking for up and coming gamers and top hobbyists. If you are an awesome painter or can pull off some amazing conversions we are also interested in you. I actually spend more time now modeling and painting as opposed to gaming.

One of the perks of being a member is when you travel to events you'll have club mates to hang out with while you're there. We also like to help players design their armies and tweak them for that extra little oomph ! Over the years we have helped lots of gamers design some powerful armies. Some like a traditional or classic approach while others want something totally unique—it's all good.

We have a saying — WC is for life. Well at least that's the way it should be so no one is quitting the club, which is definitely a good thing.

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