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Blood Vow

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

The defense of the garden of Nurgle - Part 1... WarGamesCon

Isha stood upon the black helm within the sacred cathedral at the heart of the Garden of Nurgle. The constant buzzing drone of the bloated black flies filled the air. The eldar goddess held up one fist in a sign of pure revolt. Slowly she mouthed the silent words calling to her chosen champion. The putrid air stank like rot. A black spot started to grow at the center of the chamber. Isha smiled as a corpulent viral form began to take place. The drone of the blow flies lowered and the numbing chant of the many Plague Bearers filled the chamber. A single entity clad in a suit of pitch black warp forged armor stood upon the summoning Dias then bent a knee in deference to his queen.

"It is the time my chosen." said Isha. "We have held our ground. It is the end time for this cycle. We must remain still undefeated."

The image of a large black blow fly was embossed upon one the champion's shoulder pads. "As you wish." he said. His votive voice overrode the changing daemons. "Death shall reign supreme." He held out one huge gauntlet tightly gripped in a fist mimicking the sign of Isha. "Death is but a new beginning. Take my hand and I will lead you there."

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