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Sunday, June 02, 2013

400 point batrep - Death Guard vs. Tau

Here are the two armies facing off...

Death Guard
Chaos Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Bike, Black Mace

6x Death Guard: flamer & meltagun
Champion: power axe
Rhino: Havoc Launcher & dozer blades

2x Crisis Suit: plasma rifle & missile pod, 2x drone


12x Fire Warrior
12x Fire Warrior
12x Fire Warrior

Mission - Annilihation

Deployment - Dawn of War

Warlord Traits:
Death Guard - Infiltrate d3 units
Tau - Entire army can go to ground and then get back up the next turn (one use only)

Death Guard win the roll to choose deployment zone choosing an edge with some Line of Sight blocking ruins. Tau deploy all three Fire Warrior squads in a forest with the Ethereal. Crisis Suits set up beside them out in the open.

Rhino deploys within deployment zone behind LoS blocking terrain along with Lord.

Tau win the initiative and go first. Death Guard fail to seize.

- 1st Turn Tau -
Tau hold their ground and shoot at the Lord but fail to inflict any damage.

- 1st Turn Death Guard -

Rhino moves flat out straight towards Tau gun line. Lord turbo boosts using rhino to cut off LoS from Crisis Suits.

Tau: 0 kp, Death Guard: 0 kp

- 2nd Turn Tau -
Suits move a bit closer towards Death Guard, Fire Warriors hold their ground. All shooting is focused on the rhino which is finally wrecked by the Suits. Death Guard spill out in front of Fire Warriors.

- 2nd Turn Death Guard -
Death Guard move up right to the edge of the forest to multi assault two Fire Warrior squads. Lord scoots over to one side to also assault third Fire Warrior squad. Shooting kills two to three Fire Warriors. Nurgle forces then declare assault, Overwatch kills one Death Guard. Assault then sees all three Fire Warrior squads and Ethereal destroyed.

Tau: 1 kp, Death Guard: 4 kp

- 3rd Turn Tau -
Suits move away and shoot Lord dropping a wound. Suits then jump away but only 4".

- 3rd Turn Death Guard -
Lord moves to within assault range of Suits. Death Guard move through forest to target Suits. Combined shooting drops both drones. Suits break and just miss hitting the table edge moving them roughly 8-9" from Lord. Lord decides not to risk the charge to avoid Overwatch.

Tau: 1 kp, Death Guard: 4 kp

- 4th Turn Tau -
Suits regroup and target Lord dropping him.

- 4th Turn Death Guard -
Death Guard move out of forest and drop a bead on the suits. They inflict five wounds and Suits fail first four saves. Game over.

Tau: 3 kp, Death Guard: 7 kp

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