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Friday, June 07, 2013

Defense of the Garden of Nurgle - Part 4 • WarGamesCon

The Black Blow Fly limped back into Isha's private chamber. Only two of his personal retinue remained. The massive attack by the enemy had been much stronger than expected with prolonged fighting throughout the garden. The enemy took quite a beating during the initial assault but the second wave of the attack was brutal. Slowly and steadily the rot took its toll depleting the enemy lines. More and more daemons had been constantly summoned to even the numbers. The Blow Fly was shocked by the alliances he had seen. Truly Nurgle's many enemies had set aside their differences to take the realm of death but it was not quite enough. The attackers were finally repelled and cast out. Isha looked upon the scarred face of the ancient Death Guard veteran. "If you had fallen." was all she had to say. He felt his many wounds reknitting themselves as Nurgle replenished him. "I didn't though." was his sole reply.

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