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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The ancient fallacy of mathammer

We love the game. We love to roll the dice but sometimes the dice betrays us. That is fate. Me - I like to rock. Often I see people on the Internet extolling the virtues of pure odds in a vacuum but that's just not the way it breaks down in epic games. One roll of the dice can change everything. Sometimes Lady Luck has us in her back pocket and other times she wants nothing to do with us. Anything we can do to lessen the effects of chance is to our advantage. An excellent point in case is a tight game I watched at WarGamesCon between a pair of top daemon players versus one top Tau player. The daemon players rolled up some very tight Biomancy psychic powers. Funny enough the Tau player won based upon his movement phases which is THE phase the least affected by the dice. He was truly fearless. Do you have the balls ?

Sure you have your one guhzillion bah gillion uber high strength shots that reroll to hit and ignore cover versus my tiny elite armies. I'll take those odds ANY day of the week. Mathammer is not something we can reply upon as a tool to win games simply due to the pure odds of chance. We should respect the odds but to solely rely upon them to win inevitably results in EPIC FAIL... We must look upon the game at a higher level if we want to be truly competitive and take all comers. It is what it is. The cosmic thinker will prevail.

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