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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reflections so far on Nurgle

I have always thought of Nurgle as the Hippie God of 40k... Death is but a doorway to a new life. No need to fret the end my friend.

So based upon my first game versus Tyranids I have made some of what I consider to be crucial changes to my army list. I was sorely lacking in long range fire power. Currently I am now running a list with an Aegis Defense Line (ADL) specially taken for the quad gun, land raider and a squad of three Obliterators. In the beginning of sixth edition I saw many lists that featured an ADL with a quad gun manned by a character with a high ballistic skill. Nowadays I have to wonder what armies have the balls to man the quad gun. The addition of these units to my army has made it much more complete in a total sense of pure balance.

Nurgle is what I consider to be the most balanced of the four Chaos Gods... More especially so if you build an army consisting of Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons. This is what I like and what currently works best for me. Death Guard are very good for sixth edition and well worth the points. Five man squads in rhinos work very well. The five man squad is maximally efficient and does not use a big chunk of your points. Four to five scoring units including Plaguebearers seems to be the way to go.

In many ways I have learned that what I play now is a direct throw back to fifth edition and surprisingly enough it works just fine. I am not using any flyers either nor Forge World. Balance is the key to success... You must excel at movement, shooting and assault to be the top dog. I had a 2250 point game today versus eldar and will be posting a batrep with pictures soon.

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