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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Pictures from WarGamesCon Apocalypse Battle

I really enjoyed playing in the 30k event on Saturday then the Apocalypse event on Sunday. Both were really crazy with lots of epic things happening. It was a very nice change of pace from the competitive track. If they have another 30k event year in Austin I will do that again. I took some pictures from day two. The first turn our Titan went super nova with an enormous blast radius of 27" nuking a huge chunk of our forces. Skarbrand was gone just like that along with many other forces of disorder. My team mates and I were a bit bummed out but then we all pulled together. We still had many heavy hitters left such as Angron, Abbadon and Kharn. Angron would do much of the heavy lifting.

When you play in a huge multi player event there are many epic things occurring all at the same time. It's a lot of fun and an excellent alternative to competitive gaming. There was a very high tower in the center of the table with a golden statue of the Emperor on top. The forces of disorder wanted to destroy that statue !

Angron (played by my friend Emit) landed on the second level of the tower in a drop pod with his command squad to storm the castle. There were many Imperial Space Marine drop pods landing on top of the tower using a homing beacon to come in safe. My two daemon princes were both able to deep strike onto a perch along the edge of the second level while Angron and company quickly made their way up top.

Angron and his crew made short work of the Imperial Space Marines clearing out room for my daemon princes to come up and join the party. The mighty Primarch destroyed the Emperor's statue and their was much rejoicing amongst all the remaining forces of disorder. The Space Wolves were not to be undone though sending in a jet bike command squad to recapture the top of the tower. Oh noes those dirty bastards !!

Floating in rarified air of the high altitude the jet bikes attempted to ground one of my daemon princes but failed. The two evil princes then flew up to engage. Angron and company were ready. Moving into attack formation the veteran Space Wolves soared up under the cover of their Rune Priest's invisibility. The final battle then commenced. Angron slew the Fenrisian Warlord seemingly unencumbered by the wolf magic.

It was over and the forces of disorder emerged victorious again !

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