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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mortation, Primarch of the Death Guard

Mortarion  (425)
Primarch of the Death Guard

WS7-BS5-S6-T7-W7-I5-A5-Ld10-Sv 2+

Unit Type - Infantry (Character)

Unit Character: 1 (Unique)

• Barbarian Plate (2+ Armour Save, 4+ Invulnerable Save)
• Silence (S +1, AP2; Melee, Instant Death, Sunder -may re-roll armour penetration rolls, Unwieldy, Two Handed, Sweep Attack -may exchange attacks to attack every model in base contact)
• The Lantern (Range: 18", S8, AP2; Assault 1, Sunder)
• Frag Grenades • Phospex Bombs (unlimited) - Range: 12"

Special Rules
Primarch Sire of the Death Guard: - All Death Guard are Stubborn - Their frag grenades, frag missiles, and Havoc Launchers have Poisoned (4+)

Shadow of the Reaper: - Leadership against Fear tests caused by Mortarion suffer a -1 penalty - If he isn't locked in combat or embarked in a transport in the owning player's shooting phase then Mortarion may be redeployed (not deep strike) by passing a Ld test - must be within 10" of his starting position and may not finish within 3" of an enemy unit - may not be placed in a transport, building, or impassable terrain - if Mortation was attached to a unit then he leaves it - Mortation may declare charges after performing this move but it counts as disordered

Preternatural Resilience - Mortarion re-rolls failed Toughness tests and "It Will Not Die!" rolls - Automatically passes any dangerous terrain - Any weapon that wounds on a flat dice roll (e.g., Poison) will only hurt Mortarion on a roll to wound of 6 - Witch Spite - Deny the Witch on 4+ - Very Bulky

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