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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Game 3 batrep from Comikaze • Storm Crowes vs drop pod Space Wolves

Up to this point I had one win and one loss, both versus Orks.

Here is my army list (1500 points):

Storm Crowes

Castellan Crowe (Warlord)

5x Purifiers - Keeper of the Flame (KotF - daemonhammer), 2x psycannon, 2x sword - rhino
5x Purifiers - KotF (daemonhammer), 2x psycannon, 2x sword - rhino
5x Purifiers - KotF (master crafted warding stave), 2x psycannon, 2x sword - rhino

Destroyer Lord - weave & mind shackle scarabs
4x Warrior - Nightscythe

Here is my opponent Kyle's army list to the best of my memory:

Rune Priest (Warlord)
Rune Priest

5x Wolfguard - terminator armor - 3x combi-flamer, power axes - drop pod

10x Grey Hunter - meltagun, plasmagun, Wolf Standard - drop pod
10x Grey Hunter - meltagun, plasmagun, Wolf Standard - drop pod
10x Grey Hunter - meltagun, plasmagun, Wolf Standard - drop pod
10x Grey Hunter - meltagun, plasmagun, Wolf Standard - drop pod

6x Long Fang - 5x missile launcher
6x Long Fang - 5x missile launcher

Deployment was Vanguard. Lots of good terrain on the table. I won the roll and opted to go second. I got the Warlord trait that let's you reroll reserves... w00t !!! Kyle got the outflank for his Warlord trait. Both Rune Priests got Prescience (Divination) and some other ones (I forget).

There are three objectives in play and each is worth a certain number of victory points. You also scored bonus victory points for First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker (1 point each). Whoever scores the most victory points wins.

Capture & Control - 4 victory points
Seize Ground (3 objective markers) - 2 victory points
Killpoints - 3 victory points

I placed my C&C objective marker deep within my deployment zone close to my long table edge while Kyle placed closer towards the center of the table.

One Seize Ground objective marker was dead center in the table while the other two were off to either side.

My opponent deploys both Long Fang packs (each with one Rune Priest) spread apart in hard cover.

I decided to deploy all three rhinos forming a shield wall with both hammer Purifier squads inside the wall along with Crowe. They are all the way back on my table edge dead center with some cover from the missiles.

Turn 1 - Space Wolves
In comes two pods full of Grey Hunters and the Wolf Guard. I weather the shooting fairly well - two rhinos are wrecked but then two of the Wolf Guard with combi flamers can see some of my Purifiers - I end up with only Crowe (full wounds), and both KotF... Ouch !! It's really not looking good at this point and it's possible I'll be tabled unless Crowe can pull off some really epic shit ! Come on big guy !!!

Turn 2 - Grey Knights
I move the one functional rhino out of the way... Crowe moves in to assault one of the Grey Hunter packs along with one KotF. The other KotF moves into position to assault the other pack of Grey Hunters. First KotF dies to Overwatch so Crowe can make it into melee safely. The other KotF makes it into melee but dies before he can swing his hammer. Crowe casts Cleansing Flame (CF) - roasts two Space Wolves and parries, taking no wounds. Grey Hunters pass morale and Crowe is now tucked away safe inside the melee.

SW KP: 4 - GK KP: 0

Turn 2 - Space Wolves
The other two pods full of Grey Hunters both come in and land on top of objectives. Long Fangs try to pop my third rhino but fail. Crowe casts CF again, roasting two more Space Wolves and parries. Grey Hunters break but Crowe catches them.

Turn 2 - Grey Knights
In comes the Stormraven transporting the Purifiers with the warding stave equipped KotF and the Nightscythe... Could have really used the Doomscythe but even with the reroll for reserves it is a no show.

Stormraven and Nightscythe angle onto the table to blast the forward unit of unengaged Grey Hunters. Destroyer Lord disembarks behind a fat piece of LOS blocking terrain. Combined shooting drops nine of Space Wolves and the lone Grey Hunter falls back 12". Crowe casts CF again, roasts one Space Wolf and parries again - Grey Hunters stick this time. The tide of the battle is beginning to swing back in favor of the alliance. Heh .

SW KP: 4 - GK KP: 0

Turn 3 - Space Wolves
Long Fangs shoot everything at the Stormraven forcing it to evade and it loses one hull point. Nightscythe is untouched. Again Crowe casts CF, drops another Space Wolf and parries. Grey Hunters are down to just two now and break but Crowe catches them yet again.

Turn 3 - Grey Knights
I was informed this turn by the TO that my Necron Warriors didn't count as a scoring unit (which was the wrong call... I didn't challenge the call until after the game... Shouid have immediately challenged it... This screwed up my game plan from here on out and I think I could have won if it had been correctly played... Oh well - shit happens sometimes unfortunately).

Doomsycthe comes in this turn finally and angles in for a firing solution on the Wolf Guard. Stormraven and Nightscythe both exit the airspace leaving the board. Doomscythe fires on the Wolf Guard and smokes three... Death Ray also hits one of the drop pods but only somehow manages to break off its stormbolter. Destroyer Lord pops out to assault the Grey Hunters sitting on the center objective... He drops four and they stick. Crowe roasts one more Grey Hunter who also stick.

SW KP: 4 - GK KP: 0

Turn 4 - Space Wolves
Long Fangs target the Doomsycthe but fail to inflict any damage. The two remaining Wolf Guard join the melee with Crowe and the lone Grey Hunter. Crowe drops the last Grey Hunter and suffers one wound from the Wolf Guard. Destroyer Lord drops three more Grey Hunters in his brawl and the three survivors break, falling back 12". Destroyer Lord consolidates toward them.

Turn 4 - Grey Knights
Both the Stormraven and Nightscythe re enter the battle via ongoing reserves... The Stormraven targets the unit of three remaing Grey Hunters but only manages to kill two... Oh well. Nightscythe targets the other lone Grey Hunter but the Space Wolf passes all his armor saves... Oh sheet ! Destroyer Lord then caps one of two lone Grey Hunters and consolidates into some woods. Crowe drops one of the last two Wolf Guard then snuffs it... Sniff.

SW KP: 5 - GK KP: 2

Turn 5 - Space Wolves
There will only be enough time left for this one last turn and this where things would have definitely gone differently had I been able to count my Necron Warriors as a scoring unit. My opponent Kyle cannot take the primary objective (C&C) and at best can only draw on the tertiary (SG). At this point he was well ahead on killpoints (secondary) but it was possible I could have tied him on this one. He ended up with all three bonus points on the secondary. I ended up with only Line Breaker. If my Necron Warriors had counted as a scoring unit I could have scored the primary and also possibly have scored Slay the Warlord as well.

So that's how it played out. I decided to sit out today to do some site seeing while I'm here. It was a good time except for the bad call but I'm not mad about it - everybody makes mistakes. :)

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