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Saturday, September 01, 2012

BeakyCon2 Army Lists Update

We have received over 90% of the army lists from registered players. Thanks to everyone who has sent in their lists on time.

Army lists we have received and have been verified appear in the column over on the left side of the BeakyCon2 blog site.

The lists below show:

- Who still needs to send their lists
- Whose lists we have received but not yet verified

Don't wait to send in your list! If you have sent your list but don't see your name under the received list then go ahead and resend your list again.

We are sold out now. If you want to play we will put you on the waiting list - send an email to moodhoney@yahoo.com.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent in their lists already !!!

Army Lists Not Yet Received
01) Fatty Jay-Chaos Space Marines-Colorado Springs, CO

Army Lists Received (Not Yet Verified)
01) Luis Alcala-Tau
02) Richmond Banks-Space Wolves
03) Thomas Burton-Grey Knights
04) Kenny Boucher-Chaos Daemons
05) Remy Colin-Necrons
06) Gabe Dobkins-Blood Angels
07) Jason Driver-Sisters of Battle
08) Blake Gerber-Imperial Guard
09) Aaron Hagney-Chaos Daemons
10) Jakw Harai-Sisters of Battle
11) John Hopkins-Deathwing
12) Norse Hutchens-Tau
13) Scott Hutchens-Necrons
14) Mark Kocenko-Chaos Space Marines
15) Ryan Marsh-Grey Knights
16) Nick Maxwell-Blood Angels
17) Bruce Merker-Dark Eldar
18) Zach MacLeod-Grey Knights
19) Brandon McSween-Chaos Space Marines
20) Robert Paredes-Deathwing
21) Marc Parker-Orks
22) Heather Runyan-Tyranids
23) Joseph Sledge-Space Wolves
24) Craig Sniffen-Necrons
25) Jason Sniffen-Chaos Daemons
26) Manuel Ugarte-Space Marines
27) Cameron Zareie-Imperial Guard

Alex Aguila (1 BRICK)
Jason Driver (1 BRICK)
Rob Carr (1 BRICK)
Scott Hutchens (2 BRICKS)
Scott Lester (1 BRICK)
Teddy Woody (1 BRICK)

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