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Thursday, September 13, 2012

BeakyCon2 - Army Counts

Here is the rough count for armies that will be present -

Blood Angels - 3
Chaos Daemons - 6
Chaos Space Marines - 4
Dark Angels - 3
Dark Eldar - 2
Eldar - 2
Grey Knights - 12
Imperial Guard - 4
Necrons - 10
Orks - 2
Sisters of Battle - 2
Space Marines - 4
Space Wolves - 4
Tau - 2
Tyranids - 3

So the two big armies will be Grey Knights and Necrons - no surprise there. By the odds you can count on facing either Grey Knights or Necrons one third of your games. The third highest concentration is Chaos Daemons... Seems like they are seeing a bit of a resurgence again.

More notes on rules questions:

- If a Nightscythe is destroyed then its occupants are put back in reserve and do not suffer from the Crash & Burn rule.

- The Doomscythe death ray does not have to draw LoS to enemy units and the first point can be placed anywhere within 12" of the gun mount.

Random Spot Checks:
Note that the TOs may perform random spots for army list verification. If you are selected during a game the TOs will check your army you are playing versus your actual army list.

That's all for now.

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