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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children

Fulgrim (380)
Primarch of the Emperor's Children


Unit Type Infantry (Character)

Unit Character 1 (Unique)

• The Gilded Panoply 2+ Armour, 5++ Invulnerable (3++ in melee); Should Fulgrim pass an armor or Invulnerable save on the roll of a 6then the unit that inflicted the wound must pass an initiative test or be Blinded
• The Blade of the Laer S(As User), AP2; Melee, Rending, Specialist Weapon, Two-Handed
• Fire Brand - Master Crafted Volkite Charger which also has Shred
• Krak and Plasma Grenades

Special Rules
- Primarch - Sire of the Emperor's Children Fulgrim has Crusader and must always issue and accept challenges if there is someone in combat with WS5 or higher; whilst Fulgrim is on the board, all Emperor's Children units gain +2 to combat resolution and may reroll reserves
- Sublime Swordsman Fulgrim gains an extra attack for each point his initiative is above his opponent's
- Strategic Planning A single Warlord Trait from any table may be chosenl

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