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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Pictures from my Storm Crowe army for Comikaze Con

I have been busy painting today and was able to finish my heroes for the army I'll be taking to LA next weekend for the Comikaze 40k tournament. I will be running a Grey Knight - Necron alliance.

First up is the Destroyer Lord I have christened Lord Shiva...

The first photo is poor quality unfortunately and is a WIP shot. I was trying to emulate Kenny Boucher's (Next Level Painting) air brush style with my paint brush.

This is the finished work... eventually I will do the base as well. I think he turned out rather well.

Lastly here is a picture featuring my conversion for Castellan Crowe and one of Keepers of the Flame.

Not the best lighting... oh well. The Keeper of the Flame is in front with Crowe behind him.

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