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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

BeakyCon2 Update

I have heard that the latest release of Army Builder includes the option to take flak missiles for some units. Unless there is official documentation from GW to support this our ruling is no flakk missiles - so we would either have to see this supported in a GW codex, FAQ or Errata. Note that White Dwarf battle reports don't count.

In regards to any unit that has a dedicated transport that must start in reserve (e.g., drop pod) - neither the unit nor the transport counts towards the number of units that must start the game deployed on the table. You must have at least one unit that starts on the table (with the exception of Chaos Daemons) or else it is an automatic loss - note that an automatic loss due to being tabled occurs at the end of a game cycle (not turn).

Flying monstrous creatures count as gliding once they fail a grounding test for the rest of that turn. If an FMC is in glide mode it does not have to take any grounding tests.

Two of the top prizes we will be giving away are Battlefoam gift vouchers for up to $250 each.

Finally we cannot except any more orders for Beaky dice as the final order was placed some time ago.

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