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Monday, June 25, 2012

Reflections on WarGamesCon

Another great weekend with lots of extremely fun gaming. Every opponent was a pleasure to play - not one TFG over the course of three whole days !! Wow that really says a lot.

So the top five armies were Orks, Daemons and Necrons (three Necron armies). It was a bit surprising to not see Grey Knights or Space Wolves at the top for a change. It seems to me that while Grey Knights are very good it's not so easy to build a truly competitive list that can do well on the top tables. I only had to play against Grey Knights once and my opponent was a great guy. The ork army (2x warboss on bike, Nob bikers and lots of 30 man shoota squads)... It seems like it was designed to go against the current meta which is very powerful and with the lack of Grey Knight armies on the top tables I think that helped him a lot as well. I think the ork army played by Alan was basically the same one as last year so from me hats off for sticking with it and winning the tournament this year. Orks can match up well versus Necrons which also definitely helped... Ben Mohile was the only person to beat Alan's ork army and Ben was playing Necrons.

There was lots of terrain on the tables this year which made my overall experience a lot better. One thing that threw me off a bit at the start was that the primary, secondary and tertiary objectives were all equal in battle points awarded - so basically all three objectives were always equal; i.e., there really wasn't primary, secondary and tertiary objectives... Just three objectives each worth 10 battle points per mission. I figured it out after my second game and was good to go. I do like this approach for competitive tournaments and think it's definitely worthwhile and should be considered by other TOs that use a w-l-d format.

One minor nitpick is w-l-d versus a pure w-l system. This hurt me as it's hard for me to max out on battlepoints consistently with Tyranidz. I do think a pure w-l system helps more to even out the playing field as you just have to win versus always needing to massacre your opponents. If you think about it the pure w-l system can promote more friendly games as there is less need for bickering in my opinion. That said I will continue to work on tweaking my Tyranid army list and I foresee lots of major changes coming with 6th edition.

Each round was 2 hours and 15 minutes which I liked a lot. The team tourney and 40k GT both ran on time so it worked out just fine. The extra 15 minutes equated to a lot of games completing at least a fifth turn which is always a good thing. I did have one game that only went four turns but I don't think my opponent was intentionally slow playing. Hopefully 6th edition will speed up the game as well.

So a fantastic weekend and I recommend WarGamesCon to everyone.

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