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Sunday, June 03, 2012

The future of 40k

Here are some various rumors I recently heard about 6th edition from different sources...
  • All terminators will have grenades
  • Some terminator units will gain an extra wound wound
  • Power weapons and rending attacks will be AP3 in melee
  • Tyranids will get a big boost
Maybe some people are just trolling... maybe it is true - if so we will see lots and lots of terminator armies! I am not going to lose any sleep about it. I like terminators, don't get me wrong but I think that would be a step in the wrong direction. What comes to pass we will deal with and continue to learn how to fight.

I hope that the game does not boil down to epic defensive exercises that result in a win by only destroying one enemy unit. I remember when I was playing my Chaos daemons... if I could get on top of the objectives early in the game there was a lot of armies that had problems shifting them off - that got very boring very fast and it is kind of like professional soccer overseas... the team that scores first then shifts in an uber defense with all 11 players inside the box. To me that is the antithesis of a beautiful game. It works and it can work very well so it is propagated. Seriously that is one reason why I have decided to take my Tyranids to WarGamesCon - I cannot win games playing that style. When you play it that tight to the proverbial vest it only takes one bad roll of the dice to lose and it happens. Fortune favors the bold as they say.

I have also heard that 6th edition will hit the streets by the weekend of July 3rd. I still remember my first game of 5th edition... my Nurgle Marines versus Chris' Crimson Fists. We got a lot of rules wrong - that is just the way it is when you are learning. I hope the game continues to be as much fun as it has been for me in 5th edition. No one really knows and that is kind of exciting. We can pretty much count the days until the new rules are released. w00t !!

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