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Blood Vow

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Monday, June 18, 2012

B E Aggressive

Just one girly at the tourney
And it's kill or be killed.
The Dungeon Master is the bastard
Known as Pleeny B. Ill.
But I, I could feel it
Coming through the air that night.
Oh Lord, my sword's out
Jesus just avert your eyes.

Took me years to develop these skills
I'm untouchable thanks to these pills.
The way is paved with knaves that I've horribly slain.
See me coming, better run for those hills.

Listen up now,
You've got me killin', uh 
You've got me blind to feelings.
I crush your face, I take your jewels
You have no way of dealin'.
Be Aggressive
B E Aggressive
Be Aggressive
B E Aggressive

Mirror, mirror, uh
Upon the Wall, uh
Who's the baddest motherfucker of them all, uh
Just like Columbus, uh
He get the bloodlust, uh
Just like Columbus he get murderous on purpose.

You got me hurtin, uh
You got me pullin' curtains.
You suckin' chili dogs while I go all my craze berzerkin'

Be Aggressive
B E Aggressive
Be Aggressive
B E Aggressive

Tens and Twenties
What's so funny?
Fuckin' twenty-ten.
Sweet Jesus please just get me through this
Take me home again.

But I'm all up in the Death World, snap
I rubbed a bump in the Death World, shit.
I'm all heavy with my winnings
Not to mention all the sinning
And I lost it in the Death World, crap.

In the Valley of the Shadow
A boo-berry attacked.
He was the hit-man of the girly
Who survived to the last.
She was the cutest necromancer
I ever did see
I almost wished myself to die
So she could win the whole thing, but, but

Be Aggressive
B E Aggressive
Be Aggressive

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