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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two Games with Necrons

I was finally able to break out my Necrons today and played a couple games. First game was 2000 points versus Space Wolves with a Wolfstar, the second game was 3000 points versus Grey Knights (me versus two players). The first game I ran my Tremor Quaking Necron list then the second game I obviously had more points to play with and swapped out Orikan for an Overlord tooled out for melee. I lost both games but I think that's to be expected the first time out versus two of the top armies. I was a bit surprised how well my Necrons fared so in melee versus the Space Wolves... The game ended with my Necron deathstar locked against a Bear Lord and some Grey Hunters. I had a lot of points invested in the Tremor Quaking build for the first game. Also note I wasn't running any Canoptek Wraiths as mine are still under construction so I put the points towards Lychguard which performed amazingly well both games. The second game I cut down a lot of Grey Knights but came up a bit short in the end.

I gained a lot of valuable experience today. Both of my lists featured scarab farms and unfortunately both of the armies I was up against can insta gib lots of bases quickly in melee. I still see Scarabs and Spyders as a fundamental component for Necrons. I was very impressed with the Stormlord and he was the man. The C'tan shard and Orikan were also both quite impressive. To be honest Necrons seem a bit harder to play as compared to my Tyranids and I think a big part of that just comes down to experience. I think it's very important to build a Necron list that can effectively deal with high armor such as landraiders. Like I said melee was never really a problem for me - I just need to work a bit on improving my shooting. You have to invest a lot of points to make Tremor Quaking work and only have access to one Royal Court. I found the Tremorteks to be a bit underpowered and will look into replacing them with other types of Crypteks.

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