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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thoughts on Grey Knights and Competitive Play

Most of my friends whom I consider to be good players have moved on from Grey Knights... Any army that is easy to win with can become boring to play repetively over time. I still remember my old World Eaters army that won so many games - it was kind of crazy and eventually it became purely mechanical and was a simple exercise in moving my models and rolling the dice. GK fills a niche for players with less experience that want to be competitive and there's nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Maybe these players can take what they learn in terms of tactics and strategy then eventually apply this to other armies... Most of us eventually move on in time. I rarely ever break out my Draigowing anymore - I know the army and all it's nasty little tricks inside out. For me it's more fun to play an army that is challenging... When I first started playing Tyranids I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder and wanted to prove they can be a competitive army. Slowly my army has evolved over time and I have accepted advice from others for improvement in terms of what I field. It's more fun for me to play now that I feel like I have less to prove. I don't mean to say I have proved Tyranids can be competitive - I mean to simply say they are very enjoyable for me to play and I hope this carries over into sixth edition. I do though want to say I appreciate everyone who has been supportive and wants me to be successful with my Tyranids - that means a lot to me !

On the flip side I have some friends who are good players and have stuck with their Grey Knight armies throughout all the constant intense hate on the Internet. That is cool as well and I plan to take my Grey Knight army to one GT this year. The army I brought to WarGamesCon last year has been refined and I'm pretty sure I can do better which for me is enough of a reason to break them out one more time. I think my Draigowing army has some unique elements and I like that aspect of the army... It's still something a little different from what you typically see and no one else plays it exactly like I do (at least to the best of my limited knowledge).

Eventually Grey Knights will be eclipsed - there will be some other newer codex people come to hate as much or even more so... It's the nature of 40k. I always enjoy playing against Grey Knights as they are always a challenge to beat. Routinely playing against the top tier armies provides you with the opportunity to become a better tactical player and hone your strategies... That can be a good thing.

Grey Knights are a drastically refurbished codex now... Honestly I don't think I can remember any codex that changed as much with the possible two exceptions of Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marines. Of course CSM went from really good to really bad in my opinion. The original Daemonhunters codex pales in comparison to the new codex when it comes to competive play but in many ways the codex lost a lot of its original character on its way to becoming an over the top broken army. It is what it is as I so often like to say. I used several units from the Daemonhunters codex such as the Grand Master as an ally for some of my Imperial armies so I'm still quite familiar with the old rules... Certainly they weren't as powerful but I think they had a lot more character back then when they largely considered third tier at best.

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