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Friday, March 30, 2012

New Deployment Rules for BeakyCon 2012

We have decided to introduce new deployment rules this year for both Seize Ground and Capture & Control:

— There are four objective markers for Seize Ground - one is placed in the center of each table quarter, or
— There are three objective markers for Seize Ground - draw a diagonal line from one table corner to the far adjacent table corner - one objective marker is placed at the middle of the table while the other two are equidistant from the center (i.e., 22" on either side of the central marker) - the diagonal line is drawn prior to rolling to choosing deployment zones (determined randomly)
— You can place your Capture and Control objective marker anytime during your initial deployment
— Capture & Control objective markers must be placed at least 9" from the Seize Ground Objective markers and must be placed inside the owning players' deployment zones
— All objective markers must be placed on ground level and count as impassible terrain - if terrain covers the spot where you would place an objective marker then treat it as reaching down to ground level so that bikes and cavlary units can move into position to count as being in base contact

Note that the rules for each mission will state the number of Seize Ground objective markers to use each round.

These new rules have been introduced to keep the missions as competitive as possible and not give one player any advantage over another during deployment... so basically no more bunching up your objective markers.

Remember that the BeakyCon mission features all three objectives from the rulebook - Seize Ground, Capture & Control plus Annihilation. Whoever wins the most objectives wins the game. If there is a draw on objectives then victory points are the tie breaker. This format was invented by my friend Mike Walsh and has been copied by other TOs such as myself (obviously) and the recent Bay Area Open GT held in California.

There are six turns each round with a seventh turn on a roll of 4+ on 1d6.

Registration opens in two weeks ! And remember if you register early you can buy 12 packs of our Beaky dice this year ($20/pack).

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