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Monday, March 05, 2012

Tremor Quaking Cronz Win Indy GT !!!

Norbu the Destroyer won this weekend with the following list:



2 x tremor crypteks
1 x Chronomotron tek
1 combat lord w/ orb

7 lychguard w/ sheilds
1 Ctan (wrything worldscape, lord of fire)

5 x warriors
5 x warriors
5 x Immortals

5 scarabs
4 scarabs
5 wraiths (coils, pistol)

3 spyders
3 spyders

His opponents were as follows:

Rnd 1  - Mech IG
Rnd 2  - Mech IG
Rnd 3 -  DE venoms, ravagers, large hellion pack, large beast pack
Rnd 4 - Necrons (Lots of AV 13....stalkers, cmd. barges, annhilation barges, 15 wraiths)
Rnd 5 - GK (2 Ravens - assassins, techmarines w. grenades, 4 Auto dreads, 4 razors w. cheap troops)
Rnd 6 - Another Mech IG

Here is an article I wrote not too long about TremorCronz -

TremorCronz Tactical Article

There are lots of similar elements such as the use of Stormlord, Wraiths and a Scarab farm.

The article above was also posted over on BoLS and contained a sample army list as an appendix:

BoLS Tremor Quaking Necron Article

Now if you read the comments in the BoLS article you will see I got heavy flamered by the 3++ crew... they all said the list is garbage. Kind of funny, huh ?

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