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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Playing Tyranids versus Grey Knights

Tyranids and Grey Knights are my two main armies I play now. There are some similarities as both armies have strong melee and fantastic psychic powers. Grey Knights are much easier to play while Tyranids require a lot of thought and creativity to win versus the top tier armies. I enjoy both armies equally but play Tyranids much more often because I feel I need more time to perfect my list and develop the best techniques with them to win on a consistent basis. My Draigowing army is tried and true—I know what I need to do to win with them versus most any army. Any game with my Tyranids versus a good player leaves me feeling spent mentally and physically so I'm wondering how I'll do this year when I take them to a big event. It can be a beeotch being an old man - heh !

With the new release of the plastic Tyrant and Tyrannofex I bought a new T-fex yesterday and plan to test my list with this monster in lieu of the Trygon. It will simply be an experiment to see how the army runs with one long ranged S10 weapon. Versus mech my gut feeling is the T-Fex will be a welcome addition but I do hate to lose the extra synaspse bubble... Both creatures are very expensive for the points so in that regard its an even trade. Definitely the T-Fex is going to bring some much needed pain versus psyflemen and I think that could be huge. Remove the reinforced aegis from the equation and other aspects of my army will multiply.

My Tyranid army has slowly evolved from a purely offensive reserved army into more of a defensive army that holds objectives and has a vanguard element to act as a disruptive shield in the form of the genestealers. This approach adds more stability overall and helps to reduce the stress... So I'm really liking that aspect. I'm not too worried about facing off versus other melee centric armies as I believe Tyranids are still the best in close combat.

That's all for now. Peace out.

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