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Saturday, March 31, 2012


W00t !! This month I was able to average one post per day plus one. I've always wanted to be able to reach that goal for some reason.

I had two games today with my Nidz versus my buddy Matt's Space Wolves. I took lots of pictures the first game but my dice were really GAWD awful... Not really worth the effort to write a batrep when the dice take a big crap on you. The second game was versus Mat again - lost that game too but it was really exciting and came right down to the seventh turn... Those are the kind of games I love to play. Of course I didn't take any pictures during the second game. Oh well. We were using the new deployment rules for BeakyCon and there was a lot more movement throughout the two games which I find to be more exciting.

I'm looking forward to more gaming in April. Expect to see more articles on Necrons. I need to play them more.

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