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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why slotta bases suck

Have you noticed that GW is now providing slotted bases? I hate them as I glue nickels into the bottom of my bases so the models always stand up. I never liked the slotted bases and it's a pain to clip out the trim so I can glue in the nickels. I've always said my armies are always worth at least the nickels they are standing on.

Just bought the Second Coming series of comics from Marvel. Features Cable & Hope. If you are a fan of X Men you will like these books. I'm also reading the Horus Heresy novel on Thousand Sons by McNeill. I always thought the Space Wolves did them wrong. Many say it's the best book in the series... The first part of the novel is slow & boring then it really picks up the pace & delivers. Both Magnus the Red & Ahriman are really well portrayed. Apparently the Emperor was a dick.

Finally Ozzie Osbourne has a new CD out now and it is AWESOME !!!


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