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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

2k batrep - BA vs IG

Had a game versus IG this afternoon. 2000 points. Here is my list:

The Sanguinor

Priest/jump pack, power sword, infernus pistol
Priest/jump pack, power sword
Chaplain/jump pack, infernus pistol

5x DC (jump packs) + Lemartes/power fist, 3x power sword, infernus pistol
DC dread/heavy flamer & pair of Blood Talons
7x assault Marine/meltagun, thunderhammer & stormshield
7x assault Marine/meltagun, thunderhammer & stormshield

Stormraven/extra armor, TL lascannon & TL multi-

DC & dread ride in the Stormraven. Dante, Priest with melta pistol & Chaplain join one assault squad. The other Priest joins the second assault squad. Everything starts in reserve with Stormraven flying in from my table edge. All other units deepstrike.

Here is the IG list:

2x Platoon/lascannon, flamer ea.
• 3x heavy weapon team/heavy bolters
• Platoon command squad/grenade launcher, flamer
Vets/meltagun & plasmagun - chimera/heavy bolter & multi laser
Vets/meltagun & plasmagun - chimera/heavy bolter & multi laser
Vets/meltagun & plasmagun - chimera/heavy bolter & multi laser

Valkyries/rockets & lascannon

2x Leman Russ/lascannon
Executioner/plasma cannon sponsons
Leman Russ Demolisher/lascannon

5x Ogyrn - chimera/heavy bolter & multi laser

Not the most hard core IG list, my friend is still acquiring new units and will be adding units like PSB, etc. Still it was a good test for the way I want to play my air force list. My approach to beating IG is systemically destroy all the major threats then pick apart the rest.

Neither assault squad succumb to the Red Thirst & sergeant in assault squad with Priest receives Sanguinor's blessing.

Mission - Killpoints, Deployment - Pitched Battle

I got to go second holding everything in reserve.

IG start with a castle... Executioner-Ogyrn-Vets on one flank...  Leman Russes-Demolisher-Vets on other flank. Platoons blob up in the middle with two squads of Vets in rear as support. Valkyrie sits in the back corner to snipe.

1st Turn - IG
Tanks spread out a bit.

1st Turn - BA

IG - 0, BA - 0
2nd Turn - IG
Valkyrie moves flat-out coming in behind the two Russes.

2nd Turn - BA
Dante & his squad arrive plus the Sanguinor. Dante drops in behind the two Russes, meltas wreck both for cover. Sanguinor lands deep in IG corner directly behind blob.

IG - 0, BA - 1

3rd Turn - IG
One squad of Vets pull up and disembark to shoot the Sanguinor. Demolisher can just see one assault Marine behind wrecked Russes. Lots of shooting into the Sanguinor but due to his deployment is kept to a minimum and he loses one wound. Demolisher targets Dante's squad, they have hard cover. Two Marines die along with Dante & the Priest.

3rd Turn - BA
Stormraven & 2nd assault squad arrives. Stormraven moves onto table 6" well away from ranged weapons, lights up Executioner on side armor with 4 Bloodstrike missiles & lascannon. Executioner is stunned & immobilized. Second assault squads land far away from the action safely tucked behind a building in an empty quadrant. First assault squad with Chaplain jump over to Demolisher, shoot then assault, immobilizing the tank & stunning it. Chaplain splits off to pop empty Chimera with melta pistol. Sanguinor leaps over the Vets to charge Commissar & blob. Commissar dies along with three guardsmen. Guardsmen swing back into Sanguinor but cannot wound him then pass leadership test.

IG - 2, BA - 3
4th Turn - IG
Valkyrie stays put as does the three full Chimeras. All the big guns are out of action now for at least one turn. Disembarked Vets move around to fire on first assault squad (they are hidden from rest of army by the Demolisher). Valkyrie targets the Chaplain & kills him. Vets light up the 1st assault squad but due to cover only one dies & they just pass their leadership test. Sanguinor kills 3 more guardsmen & takes another wound - down to his last wound now !! Again the blob just pass their leadership test. 

4th Turn - BA
2nd assault squad moves full speed towards the action and run another 6"; will be in position to assault the next turn. 1st assault squads flies into position to assist the Sanguinor versus the blob. Stormraven moves flat-out landing behind the Executioner... Multi-melta pops the Executioner. 1st assault squad charges into the blob. Combined attacks with Sanguinor wins combat then sweeps the blob.

IG-3, BA-5
5th Turn - IG
Things are starting to look a bit bleak for the guard but both the Sanguinor & 1st assault squad are out with their pants down. Combined shooting kills both the Sanguinor & the rest of the 1st assault squad.

5th Turn - BA
DC dread decouples from the Stormraven beside the chimera full of Ogyrn. Stormraven moves up 12" and DC disembark beside two Chimera full of Vets. 2nd assault squad flies up in position to shoot and assault one of the Vet chimeras. Stormraven targets the Valkyrie immobilizing it. Dread pops Chimera with Oygrn (melta) then charges the boneheads, killing three of five. 2nd assault squad destroys Chimera full of Vets, charges them & destroys them as well. DC assault the other Chimera & immobilized Demolisher, destroying both.

At this point the BA have the game in hand.

Post Game Analysis:
• The Sanginor fulfilled his role assassinating the Commissar and helping to eventually sweep the blob. The blob needed to roll 5+ to hit & 5+ to wound so he was fairly safe fighting them all by his lonesome until finally assisted by the 1st assault squad.
• Dante went down fast but the pinpoint deepstrike landed his squad in position to wreck both Russes for excellent cover. Worth the points for that alone.
•Chaplain soaked a wound and capped a Chimera. Worth the points for another flying melta pistol versus mech. Also nice to have a flying IC that could split off & go solo.
•DC were held back then came in the endgame to mop up. Destroyed everything they touched.
DC dread was fairly impervious to shooting by the time he disembarked making short work of the Ogyrn & their transport.
• Stormraven did excellent as a mobile weapons system and successfully delivered it's payload.
• The 1st assault squad was a work horse. The 2nd squad was a finisher. Jump packs enabled them to quickly get to where they needed to be so they could get the job done.

Use of cover was critical to suppressing enemy firepower. Big guns were quickly eliminated to remove the threat of the big templates.


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