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Sunday, July 18, 2010

1st team töurnàmęnt batrep • Darkside Comics • Sarasota, FL

Sorry for the BBC code, did not have time to strip it out yet.

Got to play in a TT yesterday with my good buddy Yuri. Each player takes a 1250 point list... Standard FOC with the following caveats:

- Units which do not fill a slot in the FOC do; for example a summoned greater daemon counts as one of your HQ choices for CSM
- Can only take up to one each of the following:
Elites, heavy support & fast attack

I was running my notorious Khorne daemons:

Herald/juggernaught, Unholy Might, Fury of Khorne
Herald/ - same as above -
Herald/ - same as above -

4x Blood Crusher/ - fully complex -

8x Bloodletter
7x Bloodletter

Nurgle Daemon Prince/wings, Unholy Might, Iron Hide, Noxious Touch, Cloud of Flies

Here is Yuri's list:

Winged lash prince
Summoned greater daemon

5x Chosen/4x meltagun, IoCG - rhino

10x CSM/2x meltagun, IoCG - rhino
10x CSM/2x meltagun, IoCG - rhino
10x CSM/2x meltagun, IoCG - rhino


We were using the 2009 Adepticon missions which included command tokens and head hunting.

- 1st Mission -
This game was versus a couple good friends of mine from Clearwater. They were running SW & IG. Very strong combination. I don't exactly remember their lists so here goes to the best of my memory:

Rune Priest/JotWW, Living Lightning
Wolf Lord/thunderwolf mount, stormshield, thunder hammer, wolftooth necklace, runic armor

3x Thunderwolf/stormshields, meltabombs, thunder hammer

10x Grey Hunter/meltagun, plasmagun, MotW, power fist - rhino
10x Grey Hunter/ - same as above -
10x Grey Hunter/ - same as above -

5x Long Fangs/2x lascannon, 2x missile launcher

CCS/astropath, apothecary, 3x plasmagun - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer
CCS/apothecary, 3x meltagun - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer

Sly Marbo

10x Vets/3x meltagun & lascannon - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer
10x Vets/3x flamer - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer
10x Vets/3x plasmagun, lascannon - chimera/multi laser & heavy flamer

Punisher/Pask, lascannon

3x Sentinels/multi lasers

The first mission was DoW deployment (each player can start off by deploying one HQ & two troops). Primary was objectives (4), can't remember the secondary or tertiary nor tactical bonuses. My team opted not to use the command tokens as it was not advantageous to our armies. You scored 8 battlepoints for each objective you held. The objectives were placed in a square around the center of the table (killing ground basically). Opponents won the roll and decided to go first deploying two squads of Grey Hunters, two veteran squads and the CCS... All placed on their back line. We deployed next with two CSM rhino squads right up at the middle of the table and the lash prince behind them. I then rolled to steal the initiative and up popped a 6 !! Very nice that. I broke my two waves as follows:

(1)  Skulltaker + 3 Heralds, Blood Crushers, Nurgle Prince
(2) Bloodletters, Bloodletters

[u]1st Turn - Chaos[/u]
Fortunately my preferred wave came in dropping behind the two rhinos. I use the Blood Crushers as a shield for the Herald unit. If the Wolf Lord & his posse are able to charge then they will only be able to hit the Blood Crushers and my Heralds will then be able to counter charge the next turn. Yuri brings the rest of his army (except for the Chosen) onto the table and the two forward rhinos move up the full 12" with both squads hopping out to rapid fire and rain death into the Imperial forces. One chimera full of vets is destroyed and half the guardsmen die, the rest decide to call it a day and flee from the table. The CCS chimera is also destroyed, two guardsmen die in the explosion. The landraider fires the heavy bolter into the CCS, killing them all except for the officer who has gone to ground. Note that we remembered to roll for night fight. My Blood Crushers runs up 6 inches using the rhinos for LOS blocking with the Heralds behind them and the Nurgle Prince runs 4 inches into a crater for cover.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]1st Turn - Imperial Allies[/u]
Our opponents bring in everything except for Sly Marbo who is held in reserve. The Wolf Lord and his posse move in 6 inches then later will fleet another inch towards my Blood Crushers. All the IG vehicles move on sticking to their back line, classic parking lot tactic. The Rune Priest is joined to the Long Fangs and they hop onto a rocky hill. The last Grey Hunter rhino comes onto the table in the middle. The first two squads of Grey Hunters disembark ready to rapid fire into the Chaos Space Marines. The Rune Priest passes his psychic test for Jaws but fails to spot my Heralds (night fight). Next a chimera is able to spotlight my Heralds and the shooting phase begins in earnest. Everything that can shoot them does but I only lose three wounds allocating them evenly between the three Heralds, the Skulltaker is untouched. The two squads of Grey Hunters rapid fire, one squad each firing at one of the two forward CSM squads. Each squad of CSM loses three to four Chaos Marines and they pass their morale checks. The Wolf Lord and his posse then multi charge my Blood Crushers and the lash prince. The Wolf Lord moves into base contact with the prince while the three Thunderwolves charge the Blood Crushers. The prince swings first and fails to wound the Wolf Lord. My Blood Crushers then attack taking one wound from two of the Thunderwolves. The Thunderwolves then take one wound from two of the Blood Crushers. Finally the Wolf Lord swings but only manages to inflict one wound on the prince. The prince flails against the Wolf Lord. Both of our units make their armor saves for No Retreat.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]2nd Turn - Chaos[/u]
Looks like it's really going to get interesting now as my Heralds will be able to charge as well as my Nurgle Prince. Neither of the Bloodletter units arrive from reserve. My Nurgle Prince moves up to assault a chimera full of guardsmen while the two CSM squads move up to assault the Grey Hunters. Skulltaker and the Heralds move into position to charge the Thunderwolves as I'll let the lash prince continue to fisticuffs with the Wolf Lord for another turn. The landraider sits still and the summoned greater daemon arrives falling out of the tank right in front of the Wolf Lord! The landraider fires both lascannons at the Punisher and stuns it. The two CSM squads fire pistols and meltas into the Grey Hunters killing a few. Skulltaker and the Heralds charge the Thunderwolves and destroy them all in one fell swoop. Combined attacks from the greater daemon and lash prince only manage to drop one wound on the Wolf Lord who takes another wound off the lash prince. The Wolf Lord then heroically passes his morale test. Two of my Heralds cannot pile into combat so they split off moving toward the Imperial line. The Skulltaker and the other Herald are able to pile into the Wolf Lord. The two CSM squads then charge the Grey Hunters rolling well and bring both squads down to below half strength. One squad of Grey Hunters break from combat and flee off the table.  The one squad of CSM then consolidate towards the Rune Priest and the Long Fangs using some intervening terrain as cover. The Nurgle Prince then assaults a chimera automatically hitting, pens it four times but all I manage to do is stun it and break off the heavy flamer. Oh well.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]2nd Turn - Imperial Allies[/u]
Marbo is a no show. Again the chimera walls fires most of it's shots into the two solo Heralds and they both lose another wound. The Rune Priest and the Long Fangs decide to target my Nurgle Prince even though that squad of Chaos Marines are close by. Psychic test for JAWS goes off but my Nurgle Prince passes his initiative test. Combined fire from the  Long Fangs drop two wounds. Back into close combat again the Skulltaker insta gibs the Wolf Lord... Everything consolidates towards the enemy.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]3rd Turn - Chaos[/u]
In comes one squad of Bloodletters that drop onto an objective using the Blood Crushers' icon for a pinpoint landing. The Chosen also arrive outflanking in behind the three sentinels and dismount training their meltas on their backsides. Skulltaker and the lone Herald join up and move towards the enemy line but will be out of assault range this turn. The two Heralds that broke off from melée with the Wolf Lord earlier move into position to assault Grey Hunters fighting CSM in close combat. Nurgle Prince lands beside the Rune Priest and Long Fangs. Unengaged CSM move away to fire meltas at a chimera, but only shake it. Greater daemon and lash prince also move towards the Imperial line. Lash prince lashes the lond CCS officer out of a crater and he eat him. Yummy !! Landraider fires into Punisher again and shakes it. Chosen destroy the three Sentinels. Heralds charge into Grey Hunters and finish them off. Nurgle Prince kills all the Long Fangs, Rune Priest breaks and flees off the table.

At this point the forces of Chaos are holding one objective now and the Imperial allies have none. Unfortunately this will be the last turn so winning the primary will depend on if the last vestiges of the Imperial allies can grab some objectives and possibly contest the one we hold with my Bloodletters.

OBJECTIVES - Chaos: 0, Imperials: 0

[u]3rd Turn - Imperial Allies[/u]
The remaining two chimeras filled full of vets move towards two uncontested objectives. They reach one without having to disembark but the other they have to dismount and run towards just falling short. One of the SW rhinos is able to move forward towards the Bloodletters' objective but also just falls short. So in the end both teams hold one objective, we get both of the head hunter points and both teams get the command token points. When everything is added up we just barely win by a margin of 2 battlepoints. This is one of those games that if it had gone an extra turn we would have tabled our opponents but 2500 points in 2 hours it just seems really hard to ever get past the 4th turn. So we end up with a very minor victory while actually having pounded our opponents.


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