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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tale of the grey wolf

A cold gale howled outside the temple. Thick veins of blue ice ran down the brass walls. Only a small flame burning in a bronzed dish set atop a tonsered skull offered any vestige of heat. The lone warrior stalked into the temple sniffing at the frigid air. His two wolves kept by either side, one black and the other silvered through and through. The warrior was bareheaded with a stiff mane of bright red hair that descended into a pair of long sideburns. His eyes blazed the brightest green like a pair of highly polished emeralds. He held his long sword tightly to his grey armored chestplate breathing in the freezing air. His armor was deeply scratched with battle damage taken across the universe. Suddenly the sick smell of burning sulphur filled the air as the ice began to drip. The warrior could feel the presence of another. Turning quickly he spun about holding his long sword out en garde. There was no one to be seen. The wind blew again and the onerous odor was lost to the cold. The ice grew harder.

"So you come my way finally..." said a deep voice resonating with power. "To test yourself." A crimson shadow fell across the entrance of the temple as the daemon crossed over the crevasse leading to the opening. The two wolves growled then the black one sprang out baring it's sharp fangs. A steel gauntlet shot out in return as the daemon caught the wolf by it's neck snapping it like a rotten twig. The daemon flung the dead beast to the fresh snow watching it's hot blood gush from it's broken neck. The silver wolf drew back drawing it's tail between it's hind legs and whimpered. The daemon laughed then snarled. "Run free whilst you can." The silver wolf ran off leaving it's master behind. "As I thought, there is no loyalty amongst your kind when it comes to time to save your own necks." The daemon flexed his gauntlet snapping the tips of his armored fingers together as bright blue sparks shot off. Then he drew his axe and sword. "It's time for you to pay back now for all you have wronged."

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