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Friday, July 23, 2010

3rd round batrep • team tourney • Darkside Comics • Sarasota, FL

So going into the final round Yuri & I find ourselves paired up versus another CSM/Daemon team with a pure Nurgle theme. Here are their lists to the best of my memory:

- Chaos Space Marines -
Daemon Prince/Mark of Nurgle, Wings & Warptime
Daemon Prince/Mark of Nurgle, Wings & Warptime

10x Plague Marine/2x meltagun & power fist - rhino
10x Plague Marine/2x meltagun & power fist - rhino
10x Plague Marine/2x meltagun & power fist - rhino

5x Havoc/3x missile launcher & lascannon

- Chaos Daemons -
Great Unclean One

20x Plague Bearer
12x Plague Bearer
12x Plague Bearer

Daemon Prince/Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Iron Hide & Cloud of Flies

Deployment is Spearhead. This mission the primary is victory points and you must have more than 200 points over the opponents. Secondary there are two objectives, one each placed in the neutral table quarters. Tertiary is have the most HQ at the end of the game. We win the roll and opt to go second. Here was Yuri & I pre game analysis:

* Victory points for primary is going to be tough as with the Tallyman & an all Nurgle force the tally will grow quickly. I am counting on the higher initiative of my Khorne daemons & all close combat attacks ignoring armor saves (no FNP) to give us the edge. Our lash prince should be able to place enemy units where we want them to be so we can get the assaults off outside of cover, making sure my Khorne daemons always hit first.

* Since there are only two objectives for the secondary again the lash prince will help us to pull enemy units off of an objective late game.

* Since I have four HQ the tertiary should be easy to win.

Deployment - Our opponents get their preferred wave (Epidemius + 20x Plague Bearer, Great Unclean One & daemon prince). Havocs take a rear position on the top of a building. The three rhinos full of Plague Marines start off side by side right up as close as possible with the two CSM Nurgle Princes behind them. Great Unclean One drops down into the neutral table quarter beside ours, Tallyman with 20 Plague Bearers drop deep in their table quarter along with the other Nurgle prince. We deploy our two rhinos & landraider back in our own table quarter such that the Plague Marines cannot roll up and melta them 1st turn. Our Chosen start in reserve. We do not attempt to seize the initiative.

- 1st Turn, Nurgle -
The three rhinos roll up 12" and pop smoke. The two CSM Nurgle princes fly up behind them. Great Unclean One shuffles over into our deployment zone using the run. The other Nurgle prince hangs back to protect the Havocs. Tallyman & friends hang back as well. Havocs target one of our rhinos but only manage to stun it.

- 1st Turn, CSM/Khorne -
I roll and get my preferred wave again attaching the Skulltaker & Heralds to the Blood Crushers. They drop in deep in our table quarter... Opponents laugh at that. Our Nurgle Prince drops in behind our landraider. The mobile rhino pulls up beside the Great Unclean One and disembark to rapid fire. Landraider pulls back to keep outside of melta range from Plague Marines. Lash prince is positioned to lash GUO towards our CSM. CSM inside stunned rhino hop out & move over towards the GUO. I run my deathstar towards the GUO. 1st squad of Chaos Space Marines rapid fire & melta the GUO for zero wounds in return. 2nd squad bolt pistols & meltas GUO then charges it for zero wounds as well, GUO kills three CSM... the tally has started. Also Landraider immobilizes one of the Plague Marine rhinos.

- 2nd Turn, Nurgle -
Neither squad of Plague Bearers arrive. Two mobile rhinos pull up 12" again. One squad dismounts. Squad of Plague Marines inside immobilized rhino also dismounts. The pair of CSM Nurgle princes play it safe hanging back behind their rhinos. Their backfield remains static. Havocs target the landraider and whiff. GUO kills three more CSM in close combat and they pass their morale test.

- 2nd Turn, CSM/Khorne -
Heralds detach from Crushers and head towards the Plague Marines. Crushers head toward the GUO and will be in range to charge. Neither squad of Bloodletters arrive. Chosen come in on the far table edge, dismounting to melta the third Nurgle Prince. My Nurgle Prince moves up behind my Heralds ready to lend support the next turn. Lash prince flies up and lashes one of the CSM Nurgle Princes towards it. Landraider sits still firing all weapons into a CSM Nurgle Prince and drops 3 wounds... Ouch !! Crushers charge into GUO and drop 2  wounds... Not that great. GUO directs all attacks into the last of the CSM squad finishing them off. Lash prince assaults lashed CSM Nurgle Prince dishing out 2 wounds and receives none in return... Nurgle Prince drops another wound due to No Retreat failed armor save.

- 3rd Turn, Nurgle -
I can tell by the pace of the game we will probably only be able to get in one more turn after this one. No one is slow playing though, it just takes some time to work through the rounds. 

Both squads of 12 Plague Bearers arrive from reserve dropping into our table quarter to hold/contest the objective in the neutral table quarter beside ours. Nurgle Prince beside our Chosen moves up to assault them. The wounded CSM Nurgle Prince drops back from the fight looking for some cover to hide behind. This is a decent round of close combat for Nurgle and they get their tally up to the max, which will make them much more scary in close combat. The Chosen are eaten by the Nurgle prince... That is pretty much it.

- 3rd Turn, CSM/Khorne -
My last unit of Bloodletters arrive so I can move off the 1st unit to charge into combat. Pretty much all my army is in position to charge and it's very bloody. Unfortunately I am unable to wipe out a couple of squads that just hang on by their short hairs. One more turn and we would have massacred but the game is called due to time. Our opponents have a really hard time calculating the victory points we earned and Yuri finally has to take their army lists to get it all sorted. It's a draw on the primary for victory points but we score all the rest of the points to win soundly.

My friends we played in the first round end up winning the event by one battle point !! I congratulate them while they are picking up their loot then head outside to hang out with some other friends. It was a great day for our allied Chaos with three wins... A couple more turns and I think we could have taken the top spot. It was really nice though to see my buddies pull out the win for best overall so I'm happy and that's all.


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