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Sunday, July 04, 2010

2 games (Let's get it on you mangy furries!!)

Got to play a couple of games yesterday returning to my air force concept for BA:

2000 points

The Sanguinor

Chaplain/jump pack & infernus pistol
Sanguinary Priest/jump pack, power sword & infernus pistol
Sanguinary Priest/jump pack, power sword

5x DC (jump packs) + Lemartes/3x power sword, power fist, infernus pistol
Death Company dreadnaught/heavy flames + Blood Talons
7x assault Marine/meltagun, thunderhammer&stormshiekd
7x assault Marine/same as above

Stormraven/extra armor, TL LC, TL MM

Dante joins one squad of assault Marines plus Chaplain & Priest. Second Priest runs with the second assault squad. DC & dread ride in the gunship.

Both games were against the same SW army:

Wolf Lord on TW/power fist, SotB, runic armor, WTN, stormshield
Wolf Lord on TW/power fist, SotW...
Rune Priest/CotS, Jaws (ho hum), Living Lightning

3x TWC/stormshields, power fist, MotW, meltabombs
3x TWC/same as above

10x Grey Hunter/2x meltagun, Wolf Standard, MotW - rhino
10x Grey Hunter/same as above
5x Grey Hunter/meltagun, MotW, Wolf Standard - rhino

5x Long Fangs/4x ML
5x Long Fangs/4x ML

Well you couldn't ask for a better matchup... Team Jacob versus Team Edward !! Heh.

First game was 4 objectives with DoW deployment. We both opted to hold everything in reserve & my opponent won the roll opting to go 2nd. I know going 1st is perceived as a huge advantage now but I still prefer to go second. It was a real fist fight starting around the third turn. The Sanguinor was an ace and lasted through until the final turn killing lots of furries including one of the Wolf Lords plus a squad of Grey Hunters. The DC & dread were also awesome taking out one squad of TWC and putting two wounds on the 2nd Wolf Lord. The biggest problem with this style of DC is against heavy hitters in close combat like SW they will kill whatever they touch but if they are charged or shot up they go down really quick. Still I will probably stick with this bundled unit, my BBF patterned DC. Dante was able to charge in with his unit then use Hit & Run to charge again... That's really powerful if you can pull it off. The second game he was broken in combat and fled off the table. Dante can be a punk like that but his powers are extremely useful so I'll keep him for now as well. The combination of Dante & the Sanguinor is awesome if you use the death mask & avenging angel on the same enemy HQ... it would really hurt something like Abbadon.

I made some silly mistakes the first game which cost me the win, most of them were forgetting abilities of some characters since I am proxying lots of my army while GMM Studios paints my new army for me. I forgot that my sergeants had thunderhammers & stormshields plus that one also had Sanguinor's blessing, which is kind of huge. I also forgot that Blood Talons count lightning claws... Rerolling wounds while you have a pair. All those little mistakes added up and I lost a close one. I think if I had remembered all the little things I would have won. Well that's why we playtest! 

Second game was killpoints with pitched battle. Again I had to go first. Again I held my entire army in reserve. Dante's squad got charged by 1" with one Wolf Lord & TWC running through difficult terrain. Then like I said he broke and I rolled box cars needing only an 8 to stick. Oh well shit like that does happen. Sanguinor again was a beast as was the dread. I remembered all his rules this time and the dreadnought basically helped Sanguinor kill both TWC squads plus one of the Wolf Lords. The other Wolf Lord survived on his last wound passing an incredible number of 3++ saves. He then ran off and hid... Pretty much a pussy at that. Anyways I lost this one as well. The first game I actually did much better even with all the mistakes.

I have another game scheduled versus the furries tomorrow and will be looking to up my game.


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