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Monday, July 19, 2010

2nd batrep • Team Tourney @ Darkside Comics

Second game was objectives again for the primary with killpoints for the secondary... Can't remember what was the tertiary or tactical bonuses. Deployment was Pitched Battle. This time Yuri and I were paired up against a couple of new players to the game, they were running Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. This game turned out to be an easy win due to our opponents not having that much experience, plus Khornate daemons are bad news for power armor. The first turn it wasn't looking so good for us though as every gun in our opponent's battle line focus fired on my uber Crusher unit and my rolls for saves ended up taking two wounds apiece off two of the Heralds plus two Blood Crushers went poof. After that though the remainder hit hard with the Nurgle Prince lending a helping hand... They quickly ate up an entire flank of the Chaos Space Marines over the course of the next two turns (again I got my preferred wave in first though this time I started off with the Skulktaker and his three Heralds all joined to the Blood Crushers for the primary drop). The lash prince was a fiend doing everything he needed to do plus some more like destroying the Ironclad before it could reach my deathstar. So we ended up with full points tabling our opponents. This put us in a good position to win 1st place dependent upon the third round, which was one heck of a match versus another CSM/deamons team (Nurgle themed).

More to come soon !!


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