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Blood Vow

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tale of the grey wolf • Part 2

The warrior's eyes grew even harder as his lips peeled back to reveal a long pair of sharp fangs. The skin on his skull was tight like a mask pulled back and his veins throbbed pulsating with dark energies. He slowly released a long deep growl that sounded like thunder. The warrior charged hard straight at his enemy driving his rune sword straight at the daemon. The daemon parried the savage blow deflecting the sharpened blade with the bronzed haft of his war axe. In the blink of an eye the warrior head butted the daemon knocking the creature down. The rune sword followed chopping down into the blood red armor. It's blade parted the thick metal revealing a quick silvered hide behind the rended armor. Up came the great axe with a blinding rush catching the warrior dead center upon his own grey chestplate. There was terrible pain from the hard blow but the warrior didn't notice as the great beast that had laid dormant within him suddenly came to life. The daemon spun about upon the icy snow shifting onto his knees driving his own sword up towards the berserker. The daemon sneered spitting boiling bile that frothed against the edges of his face mask.

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