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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Who currently is the best special character in 40k?

Who do you think is the best special character currently in the game? I will attempt to throw together a list by army. If I feel that a codex does not have a good special character then I'll just put NA beside that army. So here we go!

01) Black Templars:
Marshal Helbrandt, Chaplain Grimaldus

02) Blood Angels:
Astorath, Dante, Mephiston, Sanguinor

I know most will pick either Mephiston or Sanguinor but based upon my own playtesting I have to pick Dante as he is the greatest force multiplier in my opinion. Note that I would rather take a character that is a force multiplier over say a scary close combat monster.

03) Chaos Daemons:
Blue Scribes, The Changeling, Fateweaver, The Masque, Skulltaker

I think the Fateweaver is the top choice here. The others I listed are popular as well so I included them as well.

04) Chaos Space Marines:

I'd like to include the winged lash prince but it's obviously not a special character.

05) Dark Angels:
Belial, Sammuel

I was tempted to go with NA but there are those who still love their Deathwing & Ravenwing. I respect that too. I haven't seen anyone taking Azrael so I didn't include him.

06) Dark Eldar:
Lelith, Vect

07) Daemon Hunters:

08) Eldar:
Eldrad, Maugan Ra

Eldrad is one of my top choices for best overall.

09) Imperial Guard:
Al Raheem, Creed, Sly Marbo

While I rarely ever see anyone field Creed he is pretty solid for blob IG. Marbo is obviously the most popular by far.

10) Necrons:
The Deceiver, Nightbringer

The Deceiver is another one of my top choices. Just like Eldrad his ability to redeploy is often overlooked but very powerful.

11) Orks:
Ghazkul Mad Thrakka, Snikrot

Ghaz is another top pick for me!

12) Sisters of Battle:

13) Space Marines:
The Khan, Captain Lysander, Vulkan

Vulkan is another top pick for the best special character & extremely popular amongst those who love their power armor.

14) Space Wolves:
Logan Grimnar

He has to compete with the generic Wolf Lord mounted on a Thunderwolf but Logan is definitely a very strong force multiplier and a staple to many Space Wolf armies.

15) Tau:

16) Tyranids:
Deathleaper, The Doom of Malanti, Swarmlord

If I missed any let me know!



SAJ said...

Definitely Ghaz.

Magilla Gurilla said...

Abaddon. This character seems to be making a comeback with several "heavy hitters" using him in lists that have gotten them the golden ticket.

However, if discussing a character that can multiply a force and turn the mundane into the deadly, I would have to go with Vulkan.

MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

I have to go with my own hero, the Deceiver. He has single-handedly walked through peoples' entire armies.

My other favourites are Eldrad, Ghazghkull, Logan Grimnar and Corbulo.

Green Blow Fly said...

My top picks are Ghazskul Mad Thrakka, Eldrad & the Deceiver. Creed is an awesome choice for blob IG. My * favorite * is hte Skulltaker mounted on a Juggernaught... He is truly a beast and can shred MC heavy lists, such as elfzilla & Nidz.