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Thursday, June 17, 2010

What to bring

With BoLScon & hte NOVA Open on the horizion I have to decide what to bring. My Khornate daemons are well tested but transporting them is not fun. If my Blood Angels are ready I will probably take them as plastic armies travel very well & repair is very easy. I have been constantly tweaking my Blood Angels and realize they will never have the natural resiliency of daemons but they as a whole are much faster and still hit just as hard when charging. It's a real toss up for me. I had to re assemble all my Blood Crushers at Adepticon and then again when I returned home. I will definitely purchase the plastic Blood Crushers when they are released on the next wave.

I play my Blood Angels similar to how I play my daemons. I have always been a big fan of deepstriking and the Blood Angels have some inherent advantages... namely their universal special rule Descent of Angels which means each jump infantry unit can reroll an unsuccessful reserve roll & only scatter 1d6". I have been experimenting a lot lately with Vanguard veterans:

Sergeant/stormshield & thunderhammer
4x veterans/stormshields, lightning claws & meltabombs

The unit has jump packs of course. They are pretty much guaranteed a charge the turn they arrive which means a shrewd opponent will have to start with all their units embarked if they are running mech or hold their army in reserve. They are brutal when joined with a Sanguinary Priest and embarked in a Stormraven. I try to keep the Sanguinor closeby for his +1 attack bubble and if they are also joined with a Recluisarch or Chaplain plus the Priest they can hammer anything. While my army is small in terms of the total body count each unit is strong & there are lots of options how I can deploy the army depending on what I'm up against.

So like I said it's a toss up & will probably depend on what I feel the best about. Both armies are good so it shouldn't be a big problem.



The_King_Elessar said...

If an IC is attached you lose Heroic Intervention, so I advise against relying on such a tactic.

Green Blow Fly said...

HI is great but sometimes it's better to embark them in a Stormraven so I can attach the IC. It just depends on what I'm playing against. I am aware they lose HI if attached to another unit/IC. >.<