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Monday, June 28, 2010

Blood Angels death star vs. nob bikers

Here is my optimal assault terminator deathstar (mounted in a Crusader, 16 slots):

Recluisarch (1 slot)
Librarian/terminator armor, stormshield, psy powers: Sanguine Sword & ??? (2 slots)
Corbulo (1 slot)
6x assault terminator/4x pair of lightning claws, 2x thunderhammer & stormshield (12 slots)

Corbulo has two wounds so he can help soak a wound that gets through. I also typically will use his reroll for a failed save on a stormshield. Here is a breakdown on the total number of attacks this unit can generate on the charge at each initiative step:

Librarian: 4 attacks @ S10/WS5
Recluisarch: 5 attacks @ S5/WS5
Corbulo: 5 attacks @ S6 (rending)/WS5

14 attacks

4x terminators w. lightning claws: 16 attacks @ S5/WS4

16 attacks

2x terminator w. thunderhammers: 6 attacks @ S9/WS4

6 attacks

So 14 + 16 + 6 equals 36 attacks total. Let's put this up versus a squad of 10 nob bikers (incl. Painboy, cybork body & 3x power klaw) lead by a warboss with a power klaw. Assume the BA deathstar charges from a Crusader:

-> I6
• Librarian moves into b2b contact with the warboss and puts all of his attacks on the enemy HQ. At least one wound should get through & insta gib the warboss.
• Recluisarch swings into the squad. 5 attacks, 3 hit plus 1 for rerolls - 4 hits & [i]2 wound with no save[/i].
• Corbulo swings into the squad. 5 attacks, 3 hit plus 1 for rerolls - 4 hits & 2 wounds, both saves are made.

-> I5
• Terminators with lightning claws swing into the squad. 16 attacks, 8 hit plus 4 more for rerolls - 6 wounds plus 3 more wounds for rerolls - 9 hits, 5 wounds plus 2 more for rerolls, [i]5 wound with no saves[/i].

-> I1
• Terminators with thunderhammers swing into the squad. 6 attacks, 3 hit plus one more for rerolls - [i]4 wound & no saves[/i] - all insta gibs.

So the nob bikers lose the warboss, four bikers are insta gibbed & they lose one biker plus the remaining 5 each have taken a wound. Most likely the nobs will break and cannot regroup. Suppose the 3 power klaws survived to swing back...

9 attacks, 6 hit and 5 wound. 2 saves are taken on the terminator stormshields & both pass. Another save is taken on the Librarian's stormshield and passes. 2 wounds get through the stormshields & the lightning claw terminators fail both saves.

This shows the brute strength of the unit and what it can do to another deathstar.



Magilla Gurilla said...

Interesting, especially since I should have a painted Angels Encarmine army on table top end of July. I do not have the reclusiarch, instead the libby has Unleash Rage.

Green Blow Fly said...

Hi Magilla !

I think having the S10 attacks is very useful. In this case you are pretty much assured of insta Hibbing the warboss before he can swing back, which makes a huge difference in this particular example. You could always switch out the Recluisarch for a Chaplain to save some points. That allows you to reroll hits on the charge plus swing at S10 with the Librarian. Having another 2 wound character also helps to soak wounds since the terminators are not a fully complex multi wound unit. My philosophy is if you are going to spend all these points then spend a few more for every advantage to fully buff the unit.