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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

All about Dashofpepper

This is to clear the air on some rubbish that Dash has been spreading around the internet about me. The one I am concerned about is when he states my fellow Wrecking Crew members say I am a jerk and hate me. Here for the record is what several WC members have actually said:

Marc Parker met Dash at the SVDM GT in Philly this past February. Marc told me this past weekend at Bolter Beach that Dash is a flake and to ignore him.

Brandon Palmer (GMMStudios) and I both despise Dash and have nothing good to say about him.

Mike Walsh also does not like him and informed me that Dash has been banned from yet another gaming store in North Carolina.

The Hod said based on what he has heard about Dash he would keep a very close eye on him if they were to ever game.

WhiteDevil also despises Dash as does Paul Murphy.

So yes there is a lot of hate from the club directed at Dash and I wanted to set the record straight. It seems Dash has made a friend in deadshane though, good for him.



Dashofpepper said...


Since Dakka won't allow you to post slander and faked lies, and your own forums won't allow it, you post it here instead on your own blog...the only place where you can childishly rant about people you're jealous of. I got linked here.

The result of which is that your "forum boss" Kenny is in the middle of revoking your moderator privileges to your own club forums, and I imagine that your membership is *again* being reviewed.

Way to continue being a fucking internet douchebag! :) Keep up the good work! Sooner or later, you'll be banned from pretty much anywhere intelligent people post and we won't have to deal with your douchebag self anymore.

I *can* say that I would *ABSOLUTELY* love to meet you in person. You've managed to cross the line where I actually care about certain things, and meeting you would result in cathartic results.

40kWC said...


Steve, please feel free to write anything you want on your blog that YOU feel. However, do not mention other WC member's, or an opinion they may or may not have like this.

Just because Dakka won't let you post it, and the WC board won't, doesn't mean you have to find a way to post it.

Take the high ground.

Terminus Est said...

Justin if you really think I am jealous of you then all I can say is you are out of your tree. How many stores are you banned from now? I heard a lot of bad things about you at Bolter Beach this weekend.


Terminus Est said...

Dave much of what I have posted here has already been stated over on the WC forums. It is important to me that people know how our club really feels when it comes to Dash's allegations.

Dashofpepper said...

Two stores.

Mind Games: They have one tournament a month - after winning every tournament that I'd attended there, and some of the store's best customers telling the store owner that they weren't coming to the tournament to waste money if there was no chance of winning, owner told me not to play in their tournaments anymore.

All Fun and Games: Tournament this past weekend - apparently someone told the TO that I was boozing it up in the store? No booze allowed, and I heard from a friend that I'm not allowed to play there anymore - I didn't bother to call and straighten them out because I'm moving.

Steve, here's the difference. You think you speak for everyone. You consistently express that you know Marc's opinions, and the WC's opinions, and the internet's opinions, and that everyone hates me.

In reality...no one ever agrees with you. No one sides with you in threads. You see the 8 page thread on Dakka now about the three people from Dakka you'd like to game with? 50% of the people there list me because they've learned so much from my tactical posts, or want to try their luck against me. Your existence there is as a troll. You snipe, you write shit like this thread, you start trouble....

Even over on the WC forums right now you're telling half-truths or positing personal opinion as fact. I can't post anything back, or that thread would look a lot different. That's why you're a douchebag. You skip around the truth, or outright bend it over and fuck it for your personal agenda.

While I can't stop you from warring on me, eventually you will lose. Eventually your lies will crumble around you, your petty spitefulness will earn you what you deserve, and life will continue.

Terminus Est said...

Dash keep telling your version of why you are the most hated player in NC. I have not heard one person in NC ever say anything good about you. Not one. People keep wising up to you every day. The word is spreading.

Now sure I have my share of haters but I have never been banned. One store... well... but two ?? WTF ?? It seems like you wear out your welcome real fast wherever you go. How many people told me if you played in MiniCon last year they would not attend... Dash we are talking around 1/4 of the people who attended. That is really messed up and apparently you have not learned a thing. Well you cannot intimidate me. Not one bit. You are just another bully at the end of the day.


Terminus Est said...

Oh and your 12 - 13 year old fan force on Dakka is not impressing anyone.

So let's clarify a few things you have said about me:

Who from WC said they would boycott Bolter Beach? Paul Murphy, Mike Walsh, Brian Poole, Marc Parker, Hod and Gareth Hunt were there. Mike came all the way from NC. Paul came all the way from GA. See the truth is you are the real liar.