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Sunday, June 27, 2010

1850 point all jump Blood Angels list (friendly)

I was planning to play in a local tournament yesterday but unfortunately was unable to attend. I don't have my Stormravens yet, 99% of my new BA Marines are completely assembled... So I was planning to bring a pure jump infantry list to get in three games and use it as an opportunity to learn more about how I want to play the new codex. I'll be shipping all of the Marines to GMM Studios this week to have them all painted & should hopefully get them all back in time for BoLScon. I'm still undecided as yet whether I will run Daemons or Blood Angels in Austin, Texas for the 40k tournament. I'll definitely be fielding Blood Angels for the team tournament and already have all the models I need for that event on the Friday.

So here is the list (comments below):

The Sanguinor
Honorguard (jump packs):
• Blood Champion
• Pair of lightning claws
• Chapter banner, power weapon & infernus pistol
• Thunderhammer & infernus pistol
• Novitiate

2x Sanguinary Priest (jump packs)/power weapon & infernus pistol
Chaplain (jump pack)/infernus pistol
Chaplain (jump pack)/infernus pistol

5x Death Company Marines (jump packs) + Lemartes/3x power weapon, power fist & infernus pistol
5x assault Marines/meltagun, thunderhammer & stormshield
5x assault Marines/meltagun, thunderhammer & stormshield

So it's a small elite army. At the 2000 point level I'd find a way to include a Stormraven (BBF patterned) with a Death Company dreadnaught (Blood Talons & heavy flamer) in tow. I'd probably drop both of the Chaplains to make some room for the extra points needed. The Sanguinor & Dante are both optional as at 2000 points I would rather just take Astorath as the only HQ. this abbreviated version of the jump list basically all starts in reserve and relies upon the Descent of Angels special rule to reroll reserves. No psychic defense and a small army as already stated above. It's mostly just a fun list to use my new models. I would have joined Dante with Lemartes & the Death Company, one priest & a chaplain per assault squad. The Sanguinor tries to stay close to the DC lending his +1 attack bubble. Also you've probably noticed that both sergeants in the assault squads are identically equipped so one of the two would benefit from the Sanguinor's blessing. The combination of the Sanguinor plus Dante means it should be fairly simple to quickly eliminate the opponent's main HQ which is very nice when you have to throw the Sanguinor at something nasty like Abbadon.

I would have loved to see how this army would have fared in the tournament but oh well it was not to be. The list definitely has some weaknesses but I think it would have done well. I was planning to shoot for the best general award since nothing is painted yet. I would have loved to run this list against mech IG just to see how it would have fared.

There was also an idea I had to possibly drop the Honorguard and take a squad of 5 Vanguard veterans:

Sergeant/power fist & storm shield
4x Lightning claw & stormshield

All kitted with meltabombs. This would be a great unit to act as a distraction since they have Herioc Intervention & I think they would work well fighting beside the Death Company & Sanguinor.



Brent said...

I wasn't aware you were going to BoLSCon this year - it'll be good to really meet you, instead of just seeing you across the room.

Of course, since I'm planning on winning with my Daemons...


Green Blow Fly said...

Yeah that will be really cool to meet ya in hte flesh.

Are you playing in teh team tourney ?

Maybe we could somehow entice TKE to make a journey across the pond then possess him wif our daemons.



MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

Yeah Brent is pairing up with Fritz for Footdar domination.

I wish I could come meet you guys. :D

Green Blow Fly said...

Footdar huh? Maybe I need to break out the pixie dust.

; )