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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bolter Beach & hte aftermath

Well there was this fantasy player that won almost every award on that side. His name is Beachy and is one of those truly amazing individuals that don't come along often. He must be packing some serious whoop arse.

On the 40k side which is what I know here are all the high points:

The vast majority of players who came out were awesome and these are the kind of people I like to play. It's special to me when you all these people under the same roof for a couple of days. Much kudos to Clark Welch & Jacob Pauly for helping us to impartially judge the event. Half of the judging team was from the Skul N Bonz club out of Port Richey, the other half was from our club. I did not see any bad decisions, there was a few tough calls to make and overall it went off without a hitch.

Much kudos to Marc Parker for reviving orks from their current level of mediocrity and taking best overall in the 40k GT. Much kudos also to Gabe Dobkins & Joseph Sledge from Jackonsville. Gabe won the award for best appearance and his GI Joe themed Imperial Guard army was a true terror to behold. It's something different from any other IG army I have seen and I respect that a lot. Mike Walsh won best the best general award with his Space Wolves. There were some truly epic battles and Mike did very well in every game. Mike Walsh & Paul Murphy also won the 40k team tournament with ten teams showing up to play. Aaron Hagney took home the player's choice award with his potent Khorne/Nurgle daemon army... His Skulltaker looked like a heavy metal rock star.

Communication is always very important for any large event. Yuri & I will work even harder come the next event to make sure everything is clear. I received a lot of feedback regarding the missions for 40k. A lot of players told me they loved the missions. There was lots & lots of playtesting several months ahead of the event and I personally thank everyone who helped to make them better with their positive feedback and suggestions. There were three mechanized IG armies on the top three tables for the final round of the 40k GT & to me that says a lot. The missions were designed to be challenging & exciting. There were at five armies that had a shot at best overall going into the final round so I think the missions accomplished their goal. Obviously there will always be some people that don't like the missions at any event you attend. Their criticisms were noted and we use this feedback for the next event. Having put lots & lots of time into the missions the praise I received was very gratifying.

It is looking like we will do another big event in February. Thanks to everyone who came out to play. Some people only came out to play in the 40k team tourney & I thought that was very cool.



MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

Congrats on the event's success. I would've liked to see what kind of Ork list Marc was running, but I've heard he doesn't like posting his lists on the interwebz. From the battle reports I have read, the terrain on the tables was absolutely amazing, especially for a large event. So good job and hopefully there won't be any cheating conspiracies!

Terminus Est said...

Here is stormboy97's list to the best of my memory:

Warboss/bike + all the orky wargear
10x Nob bikers/pain boy + all the orky wargear
Big Mekk/KFF
Boyz + Nob/PK
Gretchin + Runtherder
2x close topped battlewagon/deff rollaz
2x 15 Lootaz
Tank Bustaz (rode in 2nd battlewagon)

I officiated Marc's 4th round match versus Paul Murphy's mech IG. I really learned a lot about orks watching that game. Paul had PSB but was unable to inflict enough wounds from shooting to inflict a leadership test during the 1st two turns then the warboss & nob bikers were all over the chimeras just like white on hte proverbial rice. One of the battlewagons got popped during the 2nd turn by a veteran squad's lascannon. The other battlewagon held up then went on to crush all the IG tanks with it's deff rolla not destroyed by the nob bikers & tank bustaz. The IG tanks had been deployed in the classic parking lot formation and could not get away from the rampaging battlewagon. The lootaz weapon destroyed the manticore's rockets the first turn which was critical. It was a very exciting mission with very few if any rules calls. As it turned out Marc also finished with the most battlepoints but Yuri & I did not want to award both of the golden tickets to Vegas to the same player. I also helped officiate the 5th round mission with SW versus BA. I really liked both of these lists a lot and the mission swung back & forth the 1st four turns then the SW dropped the hammer pulling out the win.

I did not witness any cheating shennigans during the team tournament or 40k GT over the weekend. There were a few tough calls to make the final two rounds on Sunday and I think they were all fairly settled. There were quite a few fellow members from WC playing in the 40k GT with three of the five top awards going out to non WC members (best army - Gabe Dobkins/IG, player's choice - Aaron Hagney/daemons & sportsmanship). Sadly I can't remember who won best sportsmanship but I do remember he had a decent W/L record. Some of the WC members playing matched up against each other and those losses pretty much knocked the losers out of contention for a top award. Battlepoints determined both best overall & best general, I felt pretty good about that too. Marc pulled in some high scores for appearance as well - in fact Marc won several of the 2nd/3rd place awards as well as best overall. Marc faced off versus IG Mexh in the last two rounds and obviously did very well with his boyz.


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