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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Review of Ard Boyz 2010 semi final missions

I saw a great article by Danny Internets on his blog this morning so I'll try to follow suit.

1st Mission - DA FOG OF WAR
Deployment: Spearhead
Objectives: 3 Objectives, 2 are placed in the neutral non deployment zone table quarters & the 3rd is placed on the center of the table. Night Fight is in effect and takes place in the two neutral non objective table quarters. On a roll of 4+ starting on Turn 2 the fog dissipates, you roll separately for each table quarter. Note that there is always clear LOS looking through a 12" circle centered on the table.

There are 6 full turns.

This mission could easily favor assault armies & is obviously a hindrance to shooty armies. The hard part is holding all 3 objectives to score a massacre. Two objectives for a major victory should be easy though. So you will need four to five scoring units to massacre which is typical for Ard Boyz in general. Fast assault armies can flank through the neutral table quarters in the early game to collapse their opponents. To me this is a bad mission for IG Mexh. How long has it been since Night Fight was included? It's been a really long time. So this mission favors fast assault armies.

2nd Mission - GIT DA SHINY'S
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Objectives: 4 objectives. Each player gets to deepstrike 2 objectives at the beginning of their turn after deployment. They scatter 2d6". The objective that lands closest to the center of the table counts as 2 objectives. You must control 5 more objectives than your opponent to score a massacre.

There are 6 fixed turns.

If it was me I'd try to go second and deepstrike my objectives on top of my opponent's. Again another mission that could heavily favor assault armies depending on how you place your objectives and how they all scatter. Again you will need 4 - 5 scoring units. This mission is very dependent on the scatters so it could be anyone's game. I wouldnt make any changes to my list for this mission. Just make sure your army is mobile & has enough scoring units. This is another mission that could screw IG Mexh depending on the scatters. If you are running an assault army try your best to keep the objectives as close together as possible forcing IG Mexh to bunch up.

3rd Mission - DEM BOYZ IS IN DA SIDE
Deployment: Dawn of War (no Night Fight)
Objective: Killpoints plus objectives for bonus battlepoints. You must roll on the 1st turn to see which long table edge your reserves arrive from.

Again another mission that seriously hampers IG Mexh. The best for any army is to hold everything in reserve, bringing everything in on Turn 1 and use Outflank if you've got it. This is a fantastic mission for Tyranids if they bring the right units; Ymrygal genestealers will be very strong!

I did not see anywhere in any of the missions that you can roll to seize the initiative, which I find extremely interesting but maybe I just missed it. If I were playing I'd probably bring my Khornate daemon force as being able to deepstrike your entire army will be very powerful in all three missions. A deep striking Blood Angels army should also do very well. In my opinion these missions will hurt IG Mexh and we will see less of them moving on to the finals.


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